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Feb 12, 2016

[IMPORTANT] iOS error could kill your iPhone

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iOS error
 No, it is not a jailbreak and not about any complex modifications to the system that requires special training. To turn your iPhone or iPad into a brick, is enough to change a single setting - and you can say goodbye to your favorite device.

Reddit users discovered a critical vulnerability that could lead to the fact that devices based on iOS 8 and iOS 9 is simply no longer included. To volunteer to kill your smartphone and tablet, simply navigate to the date and time settings, disable the automatic determination of the time zone and select the following dates: January 1, 1970. Then you need to restart the device and it will be fixed at the stage of the operating system boot, ceasing to react to anything. Members noted that the restoration does not work even after DFU mode, and this is very serious.

Some lucky gadget suddenly turned on their own after a few hours or a day, while others are preparing to carry your iPhone or iPad for repair. Therefore, no matter how you are bursting with curiosity, we strongly recommend that you do not repeat this trick at home. Incidentally, the problem applies to all devices on the basis of 64-bit processors, that is, since the chip A7.
iOS error 2
According to experts, this error is due to the fact that from January 1, 1970 report begins the so-called "computer time", or UNIX time. If you rearrange the unit at that date, the system clock switching to a negative value of time, and this leads to malfunction of computer components.

Once again we warn you against a repetition of this trick, and do not recommend giving your iPhone or iPad into the hands of people you do not trust. In Apple had no immediate comment on the situation, but we hope that the software update will be released in the near future, which will correct the error. And paradoxically, it is currently immune from the so-called "Problemy-1970" have only users with jailbroken devices that can establish a special tweak blocking unauthorized change the time and date.

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Feb 11, 2016

"Tablet" for the audiophile: designers are preparing for the audio jacks of death

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audio jacks of death
 The rumor is that the new generation iPhone, our favorite company to get rid of the 3.5-millimeter headphone jack, thundered like a bolt from the blue. On growing number of signatures on a petition angry, and lovers of quality sound already set aside money on headphones with cable Lightning, or at worst a wireless headset. Therefore, it is logical to expect the appearance of design ideas on how you can come to terms with the future for Apple version and does not go without the "warm tube sound" (c).

Designer Sean Nelson proposed an original solution for those who want to stay with their wired headphones, even after Apple iPhone deprive audio jacks. His invention is a plastic washer with a 3.5 mm jack, which is proposed to insert the headphone connector.
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 With this smartphone accessory is connected through a wireless connection the Bluetooth , and the garment, as you might guess from the photo, is attached with special clips. Since this "pill" should be on something to eat, the inventor proposes to build in battery and charging through the Lightning last interface.
We do not argue that this device looks pretty crazy, but it is impossible not to note the original ideas of the designer. Although something tells us that when the nightmares come true music lovers, owners of expensive headphones jack classic still prefer to buy an adapter to Lightning, which Apple's, of course, will sell separately.

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Feb 9, 2016

It will get the iPhone wireless charging function 7?

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It will get the iPhone wireless charging function 7

Universal concern characteristics of four-inch iPhone 5se finds signs of fanaticism, but a true flagship of the company should be after all the iPhone 7. The latter, according to rumors, will be different from previous generations of devices like appearance and a decent set of innovative features. One of those is considered to be the function of wireless charging .

Posted on the Bloomberg report last week gives quite a clear idea of ​​the plans of the company from Cupertino to conquer another height in the area of ​​technology. Meanwhile, the non-contact charging method is actively used by many manufacturers of smartphones, continuing their continuous development and improvement.

Last year, Apple has tried his luck in this field, equipping telecoil own smart watch. However, to implement such a bulky unit into a thin iPhone case, which is in favor of reducing the thickness lose 3.5mm jack, it would be at least imprudent and unpromising. However, our colleague from the publication The Motley Fool Andrew Tonner is absolutely clear that the company is planning something high-tech and no less grand.

"Starting from the long tradition of innovative features Apple to equip only generation of smartphones with the letter" S ", I have no doubt that the iPhone learns to be charged without wires not before 2017. However, I believe that this is not the usual way of the induction energy transfer. I fully rely on rumors of mutual integration of all the company's products. For example, iMac, charging iPhone, looks quite in the spirit of Apple », - said the columnist.

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Feb 5, 2016

Your website ranking is reduced because no mobile friendly ready?

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Mobile-Friendly Test
Mobile-Friendly Test
These days, a website needs to be more than just a website to provide customers with the choice of products and services. Purchase customers trends are constantly changing, and they are looking for products and services is also changing.

At present, more and more customers are using mobile devices to search for information, products and services on the go. This led to notify Google webmasters who do not have mobile-friendly websites to make a change, and mobile clients.

Google is also in the process of launching mobile ranking algorithm, which is expected to roll out in the near future. They work on the algorithm several months now, and it is designed for mobile users, who get most of their search experience. Pending Google has already started, the orientation of website owners who are not mobile friendly ready, improving search engine ranking for the customers who have already developed a mobile website to meet growing demand.

If you notice reduced the rating of your site, and you do not enjoy improved ranking, despite the fact that your SEO (search engine optimization) tick all the boxes, it's time to make sure that your website is mobile friendly ready. Mobile friendly web site, enjoying a ratings upgrade now.

There are five important factors you should take into consideration when developing your mobile-friendly website for success and improve Google rankings. Remember, though, that the website is designed for a mobile device, you still want to provide the user with an informative and enjoyable visit to your site, you can promote your business online and help you achieve success online.

So where do you start? The first thing you will want to take into consideration is the speed of your website. Any website that is opened on a mobile device will be slower than if you opened it on a desktop or laptop. This means that a mobile friendly site must be designed to open pages quickly and efficiently. Keep in mind, most of your potential customers will surf the Internet while on the go, and possibly with the use of their data packet, which means that they do not want to wait for the opening pages.

Another important factor is the design of a website. Do you want to continue to provide professional design, but it should be shortened and simplified for use on a mobile device. Make sure there is a field to clear the search results, allowing customers to quickly find products and services without the need to scroll through the entire site. The design should also focus on providing an easy to use site navigation fast on a very small screen.

The third consideration is to review your content. While providing valuable content is important to the success of your site in terms of SEO, if it is too long, it can be your downfall, when it comes to your mobile-friendly website. Shorten your content easy to read on a mobile device without compromising the quality of the content and information you provide.

Get feedback. Receiving feedback is not an easy task, but if you want your mobile-friendly site and rank in the search results, then it is absolutely necessary. Ask your customers to provide feedback and review your products and services to help your website get noticed.

Finally do not forget that many of your mobile customers will use the speech to text, which has become extremely popular on mobile devices. How do you say is different from what you type, so be sure to include these long-tail keywords for placing said searches.

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How to pick the best seo company for your website

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If you use your website for business or as an extension of your offline business, then your success depends first of all your online visibility. In general, the higher the rank of your site in Google the higher your chances are of getting visited by your target clients. The more customers to visit your site, the more sales you are likely to do. That is why search engine optimization is an important aspect of the development of your website. However, if you're just an average entrepreneur or website owner it is likely that you are not familiar with search engine optimization ropes. Constantly changing regulations and trends also make it a lot of time for you to make it your own. For this reason, many business and website owners to make a decision on hiring experts of the company to run their campaigns for them. Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing a top SEO company.

• Do not trust the "Top Company" lists that you can find online.

With a large number of SEO companies out there, the right one for your company can be a real problem. To narrow your search, you may need to rely on articles that list down the best companies in the rank. However, keep in mind that inclusion in this list is usually purchased by companies. So instead of reliable sources, these lists are actually just paid advertisements.

• Use only white hat techniques.

There are black and white hat strategies. White hat SEO strategies are those techniques that are considered to be legitimate and recognized by the major search engines like Google. The rest of the strategies can be considered treacherous tricks to rank high on search engines. Needless to say the best SEO Company is one that uses white hat techniques.

• Seek links.

Just because a company's website is filled with positive feedback from former customers does not mean that you can instantly trust that SEO firm. Top SEO companies will not hesitate to give you the contact information of former customers, so you can contact them directly and ask about their experience with the company.

• Choose a company that is transparent about their methods.

The company, which has nothing to hide will have no problems with sharing her techniques for clients. The company should be able to tell you exactly how they plan to optimize your website and what methods they plan to use. Beware of companies that tend to be too vague about their methods, as it can be a red flag.

• Do not skimp on quality.

An experienced company which has confirmed this is the best search engine optimization company that you can hire for your website. However, it is natural to expect that his services are not cheap. Even if you want to save your dollars, keep in mind that you get what you pay for when it comes to SEO services. So even if you find a cheap SEO company, you probably will not get the results you hope for.

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Jan 10, 2015

Abstract Painting for Dummies

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Abstract Painting for Dummies

Do not panic. It's simple.

For someone Abstract painting is "spotting" and no art, for someone understood the amazing world, someone loves him, and some do not. In any case, if you do not consider yourself to be lovers of it, we offer you some tips on how to make friends with this beast. And the next time you meet him not to get lost.

There is no encrypted code or message.

It is human nature to look for the problem and the hidden meaning where there are none. And abstract art is just such a place. Take a deep breath, drop the desire to associate each color with a biography of the artist, and to find an explanation for each stroke. Guessing the riddle, have fun at the moment, dive into the mystery - long enjoyment.
Abstract Painting

 By the picture to get used to.

They say that abstract art slows perception. This is not surprising, it takes time to grasp such a product. How long do you have to look for work, to feel it? Watch until bored. If it interests you, you still come back to it time and again, constantly discovering something new.

Do not think about the meaning, focus on feelings.

In the classical understanding: oil on canvas; watercolor on paper. And there is much more interesting. Look at the picture of what is done, what colors are used, what is the texture. Immediately get the feeling of peace or chaos, or ease tension, etc.

Abstract Painting art

 When you do not like it, that's fine.

Not every job can capture. Nothing in this strange. Feel free to choose what you really like. Who can prove that these red circles worse than those colored bars?

Name - a hint.

Well, let's say, the name of "Picture number 7" or "Untitled" is not so useful. But the effort is worthwhile. And the information about the time and place of painting tells the atmosphere and mood in which the work was created.

Where it makes no sense, you will not find it.

Some artists do not care what they mean kartiny.Tak that you should not worry. Once, during an interview with the famous abstract artist Ellsworth Kelly asked about the deep sense of his series of paintings, written in 1972. "It's hard to remember. I myself today they impressed. For me, it's a mystery. " Now you understand why abstraction - it's not a puzzle?

Abstract Painting example

Abstract painting is so different, it is often baffled, disgusted, but also admire. Do not have to wrestle with, or think that you do not understand anything here. It's not to understand, and to feel it is necessary. And if the picture is not vyzyvet emotions, then God bless her. Find the one that will like and enjoy, because it will be possible to watch endlessly. 

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Jan 8, 2015

Imran khan and rehana khan shahid

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Cricket legend Imran Khan would have tied the knot at the weekend to a BBC weather girl.

The news was greeted with a mixed reception in Pakistan - would because the conservative Islamic country has questioned the fact that she is divorced and has sometimes wore immodest clothing.

Others like the fact that she is a journalist for radio talent and I think there is no better woman for Imran, who is now a politician.

But what we know about the smart beauty that divided country?

Imran Khan Reham married in secret?

Reham Khan Name

Pakistani Bristish nationality

Age 41

Broadcast journalist profession

three children

religion of Islam

Place of birth Sahara

The beginnings of his career
Reham could have had a very different career than his first degree was in education and has even started a post graduate in sociology before finding his choice of career - journalism.
Imran khan and rehana khan shahid
 Reham started his first job while studying for his post graduate studies in journalism.

She worked as a presenter and producer for legal TV- a job she would drive two hours after school.

After a year, she moved to Worcestershire, which is when she started working for Sunshine Radio Hereford and Worcester.

It was a multi-faceted role that saw her reading the news and sport in the morning and the presentation on TV in the evening.

She then moved to the BBC where she worked as a daughter of the weather and as South newscaster show today.


Moving to Pakistan
She is currently working on AAJ TV - Pakistani News TV channel 24 hours.

His career began in Pakistan in January 2013 - it started in 2013 covering the Pakistani historic elections, the general who helped cement his place on the map.

Speaking of her career choice, she said: "Coming from a family of doctors and lawyers, I decided not to follow the herd, but follow my heart instead."

Political reporting in Pakistan

When she's not working, she enjoys singing and dancing. It is also a big chocolate fan.

She said: "I am obsessed and always try new products and decadent desserts to come with ideas."

Reham is also very fond of travel - saying: "I was born in the middle of the Sahara Desert, while my parents were there and that 's probably why I have a Bedouin spirit!"

South chocolate fairy left me a Twirl Today !!!

- Reham Khan (@ RehamKhan1) 9 October 2012

Previous marriage Reham Khan

Reham is supposed to have been married to a psychiatrist Ijaz Rehman.

They have three children together Sahir Ridha And Inaya Rehman.
Imran khan and rehana khan wedding

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