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Sep 19, 2014

Why should you write your own content?

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Why should you write your own content

All professionals who deal with marketing content recommended to create their own content. Naturally, it should be noted that there is very subjective, but they can easily be overcome. There are several reasons why it is imperative to build content.

Here we argue our most important.

1)      You are the only ones who can express their values.

The voice of the company is extremely important when it comes to creating and maintaining a brand. Nobody on the planet, even if your mother is not able to say exactly what you want. The voice of the author alone. More like fingerprints, can belong only to you.
Let's see what are the angles through which you can give expression:


Naturally, it should be noted that the views can be a combination of conditions. Voice expresses your personality. There are strengths and weaknesses that only you are able to express. Thus one can not have the same voice as yours.
In the first attempts to create content should make an effort to cultivate their identity. This is a sure way to attract an audience that is appropriate to the content you create for your product or service.

2)      your brand to be authentic

Each of the authors who create content should be identified by the trademark. This is how to influence over brands. All photos, quotes, tweets, content, followers of the brand. Thus determines the perception of consumers.
Content creation is crucial for the establishment of the authority of the brand. You can not have brand without a presence in social networks.
Quality materials will assign a place in the industry.

3)      Speak directly to the audience

Virtue of their content can be viewed in two important aspects. Materials may be useful to your audience. They hear you, understand you meet. Content creation is valuable to you. You learn, be informed, stay in shape. Writing is learning. Anyone doing research and share their views, learn. The process can give you a deeper understanding of the audience.
The goal in each material type, is to reach directly to readers. Be sincere in their desire to help the audience. Materials that succeed are filled with pure emotion directed at the audience.

4)      Enter into dialogue with users

To speak in public is not enough, you have to answer it. Try to meet all customers who leave you comments as physically possible. For large companies, this can be difficult, because the comments are many. Then you can move into another form of response, such as video, which corresponds to groups of questions. This is a great way to build a strong community around the company.
Creation and delivery of content is not only give access to useful information, should be implemented feedback. With the start of the talks should have the patience to finish them. Often these conversations are born and new content.

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May 8, 2014

How to create a website that enhances your brand awareness

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If you want to make your website become successful, just good design is not enough: it must primarily reflect the personality of your brand. When designing, we must note that the colors, text, images, site structure - all this should be aimed at emphasizing the uniqueness of your company.

Think about the style of your brand as a combination of qualities and ideas that you want people to associate with your company. The design should help you to bring these ideas to your audience. For example, Google uses in design minimalism, which is suggestive of simplicity and at the same time technicality of their products. While Ben & Jerry ' s have built a light, cheerful style through the use of bright colors, funny icons and custom text.

Your website - the most important part of online branding, so it should fully transfer the character of your brand. Here are some tips that can help you create a site that reflects the unique features of your company and helps to perpetuate your brand on the market.
enhances your brand awareness
 Optimized content

If you want to make your site stand out, and look qualitatively much to it and there was a sense it reflects a certain lifestyle, you will need a well thought out content. Such content can be considered flashy illustrations, compelling lyrics and all that your audience may seem original and worthy of attention.

You must show the target audience, what benefits bears your website and that your brand can help them achieve goals. Seize upon the user's attention and give them something worthwhile for them to have a desire to return to your site. Regularly add new articles and photographs, it is designed for this audience.

Quality content also affects the ranking of the material in search results. The more time visitors spend on your site, the more you add it to your bookmarks page and pass a reference to it, the better it will stand in the search results and the easier it will be to find.
enhances your brand awareness
 Logo Design

Coca Cola, Nike, Mercedes, McDonalds - when you style these words before your eyes there is a certain picture, and this picture - the logo of the company. Can not be overemphasized logo branding, as well as in the design of the site. On a good logo can build a whole brand strategy. It should serve as a visual analogue behalf of your company, so you should place it on the very prominent place on the site and make sure that it appears on every page.
 Logo Design
 Call to Action

The term "call to action" (call-to-action, CTA) implies a phrase that should cause potential customers want to perform some action here and now. For example, you sell a product or want a visitor to download any application. You need to create a clear, motivating to action message, something like "View Catalog", "Download Now", "Come and Win"; it will help visitors understand what is required of them and fully enjoy the opportunities of your site.

At the stage of the design think about what the goal should be the basis of a user's interaction with your site. To draw attention to your CTA, leave some space around it, do not let him mingle with the main text and select it with the correct color so that visitors just noticed it.

Color and shrity

Make sure that the font and color of your site match the specifics of your brand. For example, if you are engaged in gardening, do not use a black background and font Tron. You no longer fit pale green or bright floral colors that can be combined with earthy tones and simple, clear font. On the other hand, if you sell equipment for surfing, you will want to choose colors and fonts that will present your product as something associated with the riot, reminiscent in spirit grunge.
Color and shrity
Applications and Graphics

There is a huge number of applications and graphical elements that you can apply on your site to make it easier to use. Important not to forget that it is important to quality, not quantity. Select the application you are interested in your target audience and will match the style of your brand. For example, a band can add a ribbon comments with the social network Facebook, but a law firm to do this probably is not worth it. Comedy club can use the calendar of events on the site, but if he needed a dental clinic? At Wix App Market , you can find great web applications, sorted by category, so you will easily choose one of them for your site.

Post prepared with the assistance of service Wix - creation of sites . Thank them for their cooperation, the theme of fasting rises sufficiently relevant.

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Apr 23, 2014

5 steps to build its communication strategy

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5 steps to build its communication strategy
Have a real communication strategy is not clear. When is an entrepreneur, you want a lot of things for his communication: website, flyers, event, social networking, video ... Often, the ideas go in all directions and expected results can be disappointing. Here are 5 key steps to build its communication strategy.

1. Analyze your market and your competitors

The first step before you embark on the development of a communication strategy is to know your business environment. What is your market? Who are your competitors and how do they communicate? Are there a company in your area that stands out more than another? And why? Many questions that need answers that you bring to have a precise knowledge of the professional environment in which you stand. It is also important to take into account the budget that your competitors are investing in communication to get an idea of ​​the budget set.

2. Clearly define the target or targets

The second important step is to define and analyze precisely the target or you are targeting. Depending on their age, their location, workplace, you're not going to speak to them in the same way. You will not contact either with the same message to your partner or with your clients. Note therefore exactly who you want to contact, what their habits are and what message they can identify.

3. Establish the message to convey

Once you have a clear vision of your market, your competitors and your future customers, there must be a message that clearly defines your business in place. The first question you need to ask yourself: is that everyone understands my business? If yes, then you can communicate more precisely about your services or products. If not, it is then necessary that the main axis of communication is to simplify your message. Because if we establish a hierarchy of messages, the # 1 is the understanding of the activity, the No. 2 most you make in relation to competition and # 3 the details of your services or products

4. List all communication actions to achieve

Once or defined targets and the selected message, you can then list the communication actions you want to perform. They must be useful, relevant and meet all the previous steps. Look how best to reach your targets. You offer a service for students? Get them on the web via social networks and universities with posters and flyers. You offer a product for moms? Infiltrate networks, blogs and forums of interest, arrange a targeted media campaign on women's magazines. Each company's target and its communication strategy to achieve it.

5 Establish a communication plan.

To better organize and avoid doing things in the wrong direction, it must establish a communication plan. This communication plan is a calendar that specifies your communication over 6 months or a year. Because communication should be done step by step. No need to make a flyer that links to your website if it does not exist! It is therefore necessary to think strategically about what actions to take place in a logical mind. In addition, this will allow you to spread the communication costs over several months. Communicating your company does not just amount to several actions. It requires a true reflection and analysis. This is a job that can take time, but that is largely necessary to organize your actions and give them the best chance to achieve the expected results. While you play, step by step, until communication plan!

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Apr 5, 2014


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It will disappear in 2014 the upward trend of advertisements to the right of Facebook's? Might be a little early yet to draw bells to announce the death posts Facebook's right after all these commercials have proven to be effective for many people working in the field of advertising, is a good environment for retargetare and generates recurrent Facebook.

Either way, it is clear that we enter a new era of advertising type newsfeed. Ads posted in News Feed on Facebook, launched in late 2012, proved to be very effective. According to research carried out on the databases of offshore software developers in advertising have greatly increased investments in ads posted in News feed 140% in the third quarter of 2013 compared to the second quarter.

And this is not surprising since the News Feed paying ads. On average, ads in News Feed on Facebook have access rate (click) of 44 or greater and a conversion rate of five times the ads on the right. Listings News Feed had these results with a conversion cost 67% less than the ads on the right.

News Feed ads are part of a wide range of changes in advertising terms "native" integrating brand messages directly into the editorial flow of websites and social networks. Twitter bases its growth strategy ads embedded into the stream of Posts native users; new powers and Refinery29 BuzzFeed editorial and rapidly gaining market share with their first native advertising models and the old guard companies such as Forbes and The Atlantic is based on integrating ads.

Advertising native, natural is a very powerful medium because it draws attention to the user via pop-ups, banners, and video self-rolling, but making the ads seem to be an integral part of the whole experience. Ads native fit as form, function and perception with websites which appear.

Therefore the consumer is not native ignore ads, but follow them. In this new domain of native ads, Facebook is investing quite a lot in ads type News Feed, allowing those working in advertising to connect directly with users through relevant content placed directly on their Facebook wall. Thus, although the right of the ads will not go away in 2014, will continue to lose ground to the ads in the News Feed.

Here are five tips to get the most benefit from Facebook News Feed:

One. Take the idea of "half-half"

Allocate at least half of the budget set for Facebook, posting on News Feed. As amentionat above News Feed ads are not only superior in terms of performance compared to the right side, but shows some key benefits such as increased visibility in mobile networks. News Feed ads are currently the only type of ads on Facebook to be eligible visible mobile devices.

By next year this should improve your percentage less than 50% (previously set by the title), because increasingly more people access Facebook on your smartphone. Today, more than 74% of Facebook users log on mobile platforms, and the percentage of users who access Facebook's exclusive mobile devices increased 19% in Q3 2013.

February. correct selection page to post

If your goal is to attract higher sales conversions or opt for a post with the link on the page, and if the campaign's goal is to turn your business into a real brand, opt for a posting of an ad photo on the page. According to Marin Software posts with links have a 30% higher percentage rate than posts converse accompanied by pictures. Yet, posts with pictures have a 23% higher rate as access versus posts with links.

Three. Separation mobile ads

To optimize expenditure ads in News Feed, it is justified to separate ad campaigns used by devices: devices desktop and mobile devices, instead of creating a campaign to both types of devices. Data from Marin Software developers shows that the percentage of campaigning only for mobile devices grew by 45% in February tretrimestrul Q3 2013. Ads in News Feed for mobile devices surpassed only used for desktop devices in a meaningful way.

Mobile access rate exploded to 187 percent. Also, the cost per click is 22% smaller campaigns only for mobile devices. Because of these differences in cost and performance parameters of this ad for desktop or mobile devices it is important to treat these two cases separately.

April. creatively uses running ads

Developers using sophisticated advertising running ads on News Feed for the running frequency to maintain a high rate of viewing and visiting. While manual refresh creative campaigns can improve performance, it is difficult to realize that the scale of hundreds of campaigns conducted and thousands of ideas.

Facebook developers looking to quickly grow their programs should use a platform of rolling announcements.

May. aims at the international!

The highest rate of investment opportunities that are actually outside the U.S. Most developers focus on Facebook ads are targeted North American audience, but the opportunities are in front of global companies by connecting to a growing user base worldwide. 85% of Facebook users are outside of the North American residents.

However only 52% of expenditures are for ads that addresses residents outside the North American area. Future in terms of advertising is here and Facebook, who invented platform that provides stream ads will not miss the scenery. As a developer, make sure that your ads in the News Feed have the greatest impact possible.

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Mar 6, 2014

Text quality makes all the difference!

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Text quality makes all the difference!
Undoubtedly, a  blog is a visibility tool effective if the content articles is relevant and well written. Many companies have realized this but they still have a little trouble writing good content.

I would like to start my back (a little late :-)), with an article on the web writing and more specifically on writing a ticket for your blog. The subject has already been discussed hundreds of times but  I want to emphasize in this article, a method of writing because everything does not have good ideas, we must also be able to put into words .
In general, it is easier to write an essay if you follow a course of action.  Avoid writing everything from the beginning, rather try to follow some steps:

  1. Prepare the content of the article
  2. Structure before writing
  3. Optimize without too much excess
  4. Use the correct style!
  5. Decant and polish!

Prepare the content of the article
idee-redaction-web The preparation of the text is an important step. By preparing I mean a  reflection on the goals even before writing the first paragraph . In any case, this step is crucial! The quality of content and readability are actually dependent on the time you will spend. Take time to think about the message you want to convey  and ask yourself what is the purpose of the article!

Structure before writing
It is more productive to structure the text and write the first ideas before embarking on a detailed drafting early . You can start by writing the first songs and if necessary add subtitles. It is not mandatory to have too deep for a ticket. Two levels of security are more than sufficient. If the ticket is not very long, you can avoid a too complicated structure and settle for breaking up text into short paragraphs.
then add the key ideas for each title or paragraph without having a finalized text and detailed. This approach will allow you to rearrange the entire text and finalize the structure faster. You will have an overview of the article and you can check if your goals can be achieved.

Prepare a good intro!
The introduction of your new ticket is certainly one of the most important parts . It should make you want to read the entire text. Try to give some clues without revealing everything from the beginning.

Deal quickly!
Before finishing the complete writing, think about your conclusion. Often, the conclusion is sloppy for lack of time. However, it is certainly the second most important element of your text. It may contain one last trick or ask a question to the reader; history leave a good impression on your article and give him the urge to retweet!

Optimize without too much excess
A blog is a great tool to try to position themselves on more specific keywords , and more specifically the terms "long tail". It is therefore important to consider the keywords that you associate with your article. Then, they should be placed in the right places in your article (title, description, body text, image names ...). Without giving you a complete course on SEO, here are  the most important to remember the editorial point of view elements .
Obviously, the  SEO  is crucial, so I advise you to learn about the SEO techniques in  a good referrer .

Use a suitable style!

The shorter sentences are the best!

"Subject - verb - complement" is a very good way of writing. Simple and effective! It does not need more.

" It is always very difficult to understand a text when sentences are very long without punctuation and without a simple structure that could help the user to better understand what you mean!   "ouffff! Also avoid the "Yoda" style like "You great writer you will!" :-)

Write to autographs without ?

Your publications will take more time but an article full of mistakes will never have the presence of a professional article. You can also help with corrective and electronic dictionaries. For example, I advise you to test Antidote  which is capable of integrating with many CMS via Chrome or Firefox. It offers a spell checker and many dictionaries.

Do not overcook the braggart with your specialist vocabulary

Do you really think that your text will be readable if your vocabulary is not in line with that of your readers?  It is not very productive to show that you are an expert in using a complicated vocabulary. It is better to advise or describe problems using simple language. In other words: make sure you use the same way of speaking that your users (or better: that of your prospects :-)).

Write pleasant to read text ... and see!

Avoid monotonous text layout. Select images or other multimedia elements.   Ventilate your paragraphs! Use lists of information! Put in bold some important phrases! Add some color! Short! Try your article to be nice to see!
videos or presentations such as those proposed on Slide Share are also good additional information. These give a shorter text while providing maximum information.

Decant and refine

Take the time to read you, especially early!  A simple proofreading will enable you to refine and realize that some paragraphs are poorly structured and full of spelling mistakes!  A replay will also promote the removal of unnecessary phrases. Your text will be denser and more successful!

Very emphatically, our friends at Google asking us to produce quality content because it is an important guarantee for good visibility on the web. The content must be original and different from the competition!
For my part, I would say that the content is KING and the links are the servants! Both aspects are important for search engines but for the user, there is the content that counts! The quality and style of writing are equally important! So, to your keyboards!

And you? how do you write?

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Mar 5, 2014

Practical Seo tips to establish Blog

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You just finished your new website? Super! This is your p promotional web-site atron that must be! But have you thought about this little detail will be more and more important to you:  how do you promote it?

Ah, I almost perceive a long silence on your screen! You will not have ever thought?

Do not panic! This article will offer you some very practical tips to help you establish yourself  some promotional ideas  and also to better understand what your web consultant tries to explain.

Why promote a website?

Silly question, you say? No, I do not think so. This question is still valid when I see the number of people who feel that a website will proclaim better than its competitors and thus appear first in Google results in a few days.

There is really not much difference between the years "before the web" and now.  A TPE or SMEs should always make themselves known and the web is definitely a good way to do this . The only problem is the number of sites that are based on the same theme as you.

In 2011,  the promotion of a new site is paramount  and unfortunately many companies forget to include in their initial budget. Moreover, the lack of promotion is certainly a leading cause of failure on the web for the most part of small and micro businesses.

So, in this context, it is important to find good ways you can promote your business more effectively. Sure, it will be more effective to use a  web consultant  or agency but some tasks can be handled daily by your internal teams.

How to promote your site?

Worldwide IRL ("in the real life")
Before embarking on SEO and the use of social media,  some "action" in everyday life can already bring a little more  for the visibility of your website. Like, for example, sending an email to your suppliers and customers by explaining the purpose and services offered on your new site or adding the address of your website in all official documents and your business cards. Sometimes it is quite interesting to talk with friends and try to promote it by word of mouth.
Obviously, there are other means of promotion in the world IRL. You just find the right channels to suit your situation. I suggest you contact an  agency communication  quality to best exploit these possibilities.

On the Web
Now, let's see what are the most important ways to promote your site directly on the web. I mean the fact of promoting  themselves to the users but also to the search engines . Google has become your new life partner because it can actually provide you qualified traffic ;-)

Search engines inform

The first step is to inform the major search engines of the existence of your new site. The procedure is quite simple, it is usually the creation of a user account and the use of a proposed no matter the engine tools:

Google: the fastest way is to use this  page  , but the most effective method is to use their "tool Webmaster Tools . " This tool will also give you a range of relevant information on your site.
To Bing: This is quite similar is this  page  , or even via their  webmaster tools
For Yahoo (yes, it still exists): you can register  here

The hard part is to do!

netlinking Report the existence of your site to search engines is unfortunately not enough. You will need to use different ways to  explain to Google that your site is of good quality and good reputation . This is what we call  SEO (SEO or English) . One of the most important parts of SEO is  backlink is to say the creation of links to your site . This is a fundamental criterion for Google. In fact,  the more you quality links to your site, the more you will have a good reputation with Google  (do not forget that Google is a stupid and evil algorithm).

Basic actions to get a good netlinking are:

  • Submit your site in reputable general directories . Please do not use the same text for these books! Google hates duplicate content (not so stupid that Google still!). It could penalize the directory and yourself. The company offers Atypicom ranked  top 30 directories  that you can use
  • If you have a regional occupation, I also invite you to  submit your site address in Google .
  • Also try to find  local or specialized directories  in your field while properly checking their quality. I present to you, in a future article, some examples of research that will help you achieve it.
  • Publish press releases on the web. I also recommend taking the  proposed Atypicom list . Always based on the same principle, avoid duplicating the same text on multiple sites press releases.
  • Find f orums based on your theme and participate in conversations  in a constructive manner. Do not forget to add the URL of your website in your profile and occasionally in your messages.
  • Comment on specialized items s you can find on sites based on the same theme as yours.
  • Ask  your partner  if they would agree to put a link on their site. Offer them in exchange for a small service that would make them happy :-)
In short, you guessed it, you need to constantly get quality links to your website by checking each time the quality of the sites.

How social media can help you? 

Promote your site can, of course, through the use of social media (blogs, social networks, micro blogging, ...).
Write quality articles that will inspire users to create links to your site! Write a blog publishing articles attractive to your prospects and customers: advise, inform, inter pellez ... Even if you are a plumber or seller of oil Heating, try the experience of blogging! You'd be amazed what people search for like information. Again, editors and web consultants can help you.

There are other interesting platforms:

  • Platforms sharing of documents and videos  (youtube, slideshare ...). Feel free to create a profile on these platforms for your company and share it all a series of documents that could enhance your business.
  • Bookmarkings platforms  such as and stumbleupon. They are a little less known by the general public but they are interesting to disseminate such specialty items.
  •  Social networks  with mainly Twitter and Facebook. A presence on social networks is going to take time (or money), but they become increasingly important to promote your site. Before rushing headlong, I invite you to educate yourself on the topic by reading my previous article on  Twitter for SMEs .

Some paid solutions

Knowing that SEO can take several months or even a year to get a good result, it may be beneficial to exploit promotion solutions pay. They can actually help you  increase your visibility on the web, especially at the beginning . Here are some examples:

  •  The banners whose cost can vary either in print or click. They can run on specialized sites.
  •  Advertising campaigns targeted at search engines such as Google Adwords.
  •  Targeted advertising campaigns on social networks (eg Facebook or Linkedin).
  •  The affiliate campaigns.

 Sponsorship event, application or specialized blogs.

A major advantage of these paid solutions is that you can really target your campaigns based on the theme, geographic location and other criteria to achieve a particular type of user.

Diversify you!
Practical Seo tips to establish Blog

Promoting your site is not an action to be only at the beginning of the existence of your new site . You must continue to do so throughout his life. The creation of new links and your activity on social media allow you, day after day, increase your fame. This will also be a decisive factor in your ranking in the search engines.  diversity of your links is equally important . Do not try to focus you on one aspect of netlinking and try to build quality links where your competitors are not yet present.

Time or money!

What good is creating a stunning website with features avant-garde if nobody knows it exists? There is no miracle! As the competition is becoming stronger on web site promotion is vital. Unfortunately, it will take time and money.

Either you manage yourself, or you use an agency or an independent consultant. Instead of rewriting what already exists, I invite you to visit two very interesting articles. A must read before continuing your efforts!

  • The first is proposed by csstricks " The referrer? Stronger than the trader! "In this article, we present a very specific case explaining the ROI of SEO.
  • The second "  No sub, no time, no strategy, no visibility! "proposed on the blog Axe-net, has the same kinds of arguments. In summary, Sylvain advises its prospects to wait for a real budget before embarking without thinking too much.

For my part, I am in favor of start as soon as possible, even in beta.  It is better to have a smaller site and promote early . Then you are free to add new features. Current solutions are flexible enough for that but  it should still have a long-term vision and define all your goals from the beginning .

Hard drive life and referrer web marketer, right? And you? How to promote your website do you do?

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Feb 24, 2014


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We all want our website to be a popular one, but few people really know how to achieve this through SEO optimization .'ll we present in the following four tips that you can use to perform SEO for your websites .

One. Do not buy a new domain unless you really need .

Because of Google's innovations in new areas, the best strategy is to use as much as possible the domain / site you already own. If the rebuild, or build from scratch a website and need a brand new area then you should expect the worst, because you have to wait 3 to 6 months before your site have a real chance positioning in Google for those key words or phrases that matter.

Two. Optimize your site for your target audience and not for search engines .

Search to find pages that match best with the phrase or keyword entered by any user. If a user types in keywords that are associated with what your site has to offer, then that user is likely to enter the category of potential visitors or customers. Therefore need to optimize your site to meet their needs.

If you have no idea who is your target audience, then you must find a way to find out sooner or later. Search online education that might give you demographic information or visit other sites, communities or forums where your target audience might be and could see what disc.

This information can be crucial in defining the design of your site, keywords and copywriter process.

Three. Find key words and sentences on a large scale .

Sentences or keywords that you think your target audience would be looking for would be incorrect. To find the best keywords you should use search tools like Keyword Discovery, Word tracker, Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing data provided.

Up a list of the most relevant key your site and choose a few different for each page. You should never opt for general keywords such as "travel" or "vacation", that's because they are rarely, if not never, suitable for what is truly your site.

April. Builds and classify the architecture and how to navigate your site based on keyword research.

Your research to discover areas of interest or ways unparalleled product classification and service you want to add the site. For example, say your site sells toy. There are numerous ways of classifying the site so that users can find the toys they seek.

Find these toys to suit the child's level of development? Then we switch to the keywords "kindergarten toys". Your mission is to make sure the site navigation search shows all ways.

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