Feb 18, 2012

20 CSS3 impressive capabilities of technology

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Let's see what new techniques and methods invented by the wizards CSS3 for the last time and how it looks in practice. Initially inspired by an interesting effect with text, slideshow with pop-up preview and filters to images from the gallery. Then we will enjoy a wonderful effect for thumbnails of images, full-size slideshow to your background and a pop-up lightbox for gallery pictures. This is followed by blur effect, the effect of the menu bar, volume buttons, a spectacular timer and widget with the current records.

A. Interesting effects with text
Two. Slideshow with pop-up preview
Three. Pop-up filters to images from the gallery
4. The remarkable effect on the image thumbnails
Five. Full-size slideshow to your background
6. Pop-up lightbox for gallery pictures
7. Items with jagged edges in the design
Eight. Blur effect for inactive images in gallery
9. The menu bar with the effect of
10. Experiments with bekgraundom text
11. Animation for the village-saver
12. The spectacular slideshow
13. Bulk buttons
14. Animated banner
15. Menu navigation halftonovym pattern
16. Spectacular timer
17. Spinning a button with a marker
18. The widget with the current record
19. Text Effect
20. The effect of changing images


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