Apr 23, 2012

Sites with an interesting solution menu

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The menu on the site - like a big deal at first sight, but how to make sure that the menu featured site, making it special, and at the same time entirely consistent with the style of your site? Create a menu - easy, but fun to create an original menu - not so easy. Even small items - highlighting, underlining, arrows, a stroke, a menu with small icons, colorful pull-down menus, with the effect of turning, the other, make the site more interesting, interactive, provide the user with a small element of the game and just such a menu - it's nice to work with the site . We hope that the selection of sites prompt you to new ideas and solutions.

A. Website Gnosh immediately surprised us with their menu.First - you do not know where you want to "push" and then you get used to that all the inscriptions found in the menu - when you hover the menu entries are enclosed. In this menu itself scattered by page.


Two. Bern . Blue lights hover, but the important thing is that the menu serves as a visual extension of the edge of the box porvanoy - bright enough, and at the same time completely in the style of the entire site.


Three. Racket - very creative and unusual Australian design studio specializing in an extraordinary vizialnom and Environmental Design. On this site you can get stuck for a long time, studying every detail of the interface and that's where one or another sign or picture may lead a user.


4. Bright and comfortable Southern Newspaper Uelsa This is South Wales . This website was created in such a way as to best cover a large audience with diverse interests. In this site uelskoy newspaper gives a sense of ease, but not officially a serious newspaper. Pay attention to the rendered menu.

This is South Wales

Five. An interesting solution to presentation of all the works of Dutch agency 75b


6. Studio Grafik . The works are presented as plitochki. In this case the choice of each individual column (photos, web, brands), all of the "extinguished" and the screen remains bright, only those who belong to one or the other category.In addition, there is also a drop-down menu at the top of page.


7. The original presentation of the store bags Noonstyle .Menu a bit much on the right side of the site, but the entire picture is displayed, as if that mimics the texture of the product.


Eight. Interesting site studio Tisha creative , where as it takes an ordinary life in London - is changing day and night, and the menu for the convenience of users highlighted in white.

Tisha creative

Nine. Learnlakenona . drive around the lake, as it is - a real map with all the inscriptions. You never know what you find under the next object on the map.


10. Alexbuga invites us to present complex technical menu. The user has the impression that he came not to listen to music and looked into the real hardware. And itching poklatsat buttons and pull all the levers. On this site you can even compose the music itself


11. Campfirenyc . menu on this site can be viewed from different angles. Interestingly, the menu itself is decorated in the typical form of a rectangle, which creates a direct allusion to a speech that is often used in comics. However, this is not the point. The most interesting part of the site is to implement each of the columns menu - not open heading down, and the width of the entire page, the site was worth it as expected, but the right time in two columns.


12. Wearefellows - the menu as a drop-down menu in the upper left corner, which at first completely transparent to the user. This site - confirmation of the idea that minimalism is now in vogue - only shades of black and white - nothing more. Stylish and impressive.


13. Usu on the site can see several options for implementing the menu - this is not a typical white font with black rectangles, which are highlighted in red when the mouse and menus on the site is realized through the admission boards - unobtrusively and in Students'.


14. Welcome to the bar -Getraenke kukral ! Would you like water, soda, beer or juice? The menu on this site is realized through the use of large icons that represent one or another drink. If you hover the menu path is slightly highlighted with a dark color.

Getraenke kukral

15. Typographica menu of this site - typographic work, but in addition there is a drop-down menu with a detailed description of the contents of the entire column. Interestingly, in expanded form, you can open all the headings at the same time.


16. Workatplay - site menu is hidden in the upper left corner of the page, but opens when moving the mouse in the appropriate direction. In addition - a beautiful combination of colors - pink font on a black background.


17. Benhulse . typical tiled menu. In addition, each column is highlighted when you move a little. Plain and simple.


18. Rednoseday Each heading at the opening of its color to white, and the edge is formed from the original seam line - an original and stylish.


19. Molanphydesign Orange barely noticeable backlight menu.


20. Blue lights Fullyillustrated realizovuetsya simultaneously from two perspectives - from the top and bottom of the page image. Thus, indicated that one example of the galleries is given simultaneously with two headings (one lower and one upper).


21. B uiltbybuffalo - Pay attention to the designation of the active menu, a drop of orange.

B uiltbybuffalo

22. Mariecatribs on the arrows indicate the active menu.


23. Christophermeeks - the menu is presented in the form of icons. An interesting option for the realization of a personal web site.


24. Carbonmade . Another version of the integration of the menu with icons - original and funny.


25. Richbrown menu are black squares that announce the work to be presented in the following light-gray squares.


26. Danwiersema . menu on the right is not realized without the participation of the icons.


27. Creativespark . Black-yellow poster, and the menu is highlighted, respectively. Also, do not forget to klatsnut the inscriptions on the drawings.


28. Jacoblee active menu is indicated by an arrow, a small triangle. An allusion to the typical arrow keys "to play."


29. Hardgraft menu of this site is presented in the fote of geometric shape in the form of a valve bag or purse.


30. R esoluut . menu is created with the effect of a twist. In this case, the name column is not changed.

R esoluut


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