May 29, 2012

20 sites where you can download for free wordpress templates

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20 sites where you can download for free wordpress templates
Here is a selection of 20 sites that can be quite a formal download free wordpress templates are very acceptable quality. In general, these sites that are collectors who specialize in wordpress themes and which has a free section of the free templates. Particularly noteworthy sites of the authors, designers, which made templates and share them freely available to all users. Also among the suppliers is well-known blogs, which are sometimes published with a description and links to a very good theme.

I. WordPress


II. Fresheezy


III. Templatic


IV. Wp Mojo

Wp Mojo

V. WordPress Themes Base

WordPress Themes Base

VI. New Wp Themes

New Wp Themes

VII. Web 2 Feel

Web 2 Feel

VIII. Skin Press

Skin Press

IX. Top Wp Themes

Top Wp Themes

X. Site 5

Site 5

XI. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine

XII. Fearless Flyer

Fearless Flyer

XIII. Wp Themes 2

Wp Themes 2

XIV. Padd Solutions

Padd Solutions

XV. Woo Themes

Woo Themes

XVI. Zenverse


XVII. Wp Archive

Wp Archive

XVIII. Theme Lab
Theme Lab

XIX. Kreative Themes

Kreative Themes

XX. Blog Oh Blog

Blog Oh Blog

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