May 31, 2012

5 wordpress plugins for social bookmarking buttons

5 wordpress plugins for social bookmarking buttons
Add social bookmarking buttons to your blog - a useful element of the "socialization" of the project. With their help, readers will be able to share a link to this or that article of your blog in their accounts at Twitter, digg,google Buzz and other popular services. There was a time when in runet social bookmarking buttons were almost in every second blog. Gradually, it is kind of like, come to naught, leaving only a couple of services which can really add anything. The most popular now, probably, there are buttons added to the tweeter viaTweetMeme , as well as allowing account to share on social networks. But today I would like to talk not about the prevailing stagnation to social bookmarking sites, and the methods of adding buttons to your blog.

As a result, searching for solutions, I came across a very interesting article , where a five plug-ins to install the buttons of social bookmarking. A distinctive feature of these modules was to use Ajax technology and highly original functionality. So, here are the plugins:

Digg Digg - probably one of the best plug-in terms of features and usability. However, it requires some setup for the correct display of the design blog, but doing these steps once, you will forget about it. The plugin allows the user to choose how the icons social bookmarking will appear on your blog, as well as to determine which of the services will be involved in the work.

Digg Digg

This plugin Digg Digg uses JQuery library . In the settings you can define the appearance of the display panel with the buttons of social bookmarking - First, each service has on the two icons (normal and compact), and secondly, you can pull them both horizontally and vertically . Well, as far as I understood correctly, you can make to the panel with icons moved along with the page scrolling right or left of the page. Something like this you can see in the beautiful counters for the blog Simple Counters . Attention! The plugin requires a PHP5 on hosting.

SexyBookmarks - This plugin allows blog readers to share the article in the various social bookmarking services and social networks. It uses special icons that are located after the post. In this case the user can choose what services they want to display. There are also more specific settings, such as a job to tag links nofollow, animation, background image, etc.


Looks fucking awesome, in my opinion :) This cover social bookmarking, you can add a plug-in settings, or manually in the theme template with the following code:

Social fixed buttons - plug-in adds to your blog, a floating toolbar with buttons of social bookmarking. In the admin, you can choose the position of the block - up or down, horizontal or vertical orientation, as well as to determine the available services to display.

Social fixed buttons

All you shall have 14 services: Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and many others. You can choose a style icon, set the nofollow attribute for links and the ability to open pages in a new window.

SocioFluid - visual panel of buttons of social bookmarking is similar to the menu in the style of Mac OS, which hover in the small icons we see them enlarged version. In the plugin settings, you can choose which social services are displayed.


Social Slider - if I understand correctly, this plugin allows you to share your profiles in social media, so that users could follow behind you and get the latest updates. At the same time using the plug-in can not take place in the sidebar, which can be used for advertising, for example, and realize all through the "slider". In general, all the settings, see the admin wordpress.

Social Slider

Finally you can still reflect on the application of these plug-ins in runet. As you can see from the pictures, and social services, however, may well be used here. To do this, first of all, you need to keep only the sea services - digg, twitter, flickr, facebook and can be a couple of others. Secondly, I think, some people will be able to easily tweak the code plug-ins to implement them in our social networks, if necessary.


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