May 26, 2012

How and why do dofollow blog on wordpress

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How and why do dofollow blog on wordpress
Probably every one of you have heard about the so-called dofollow blogs. The motion to create them, and support was organized can not remember when, in general, quite a while, but since then their relevance has not gone. This is due to several reasons. Generally dofollow blog - a project where the links to the authors of comments are completely open for indexing. This is to some degree is designed to encourage blog visitors to leave your comments there. Thus, all are happy - and the author of the project, where a heated discussion, and commentator, who receives a free link to your blog.

Generally dofollow blogs - a thing, of course, useful. But, alas, like so many good initiatives, some individuals began to be used, it is not good - it's spam. It is clear that blogs, where you can get a free link back to their projects can be used to build puzomerok particles and pr. It's one thing when referring to the commentators posted personal blogs - then, in principle, nothing wrong with that, but very often there shoved a variety of links to satellites govnosayty, splogi and other stuff. To complete the picture, it's all done and still on the machine. Total for the nice little bloggers.

Not surprisingly, the movement itself and slowly began to dofollow blogs "fold." However, the volunteers put a link to the site is now a commentator. And it was good. What's more - I decided to join them and also to make wordpress inside dofollow blog ! I hope it will attract new readers and help make the project a materials discussed. But I want to warn everyone in advance - as well as on other blogs, I'll use the commenting rules , and carefully check their content. This is a bit troublesome, but with different anti-spam plug-ins and newly acquired skills before, I think it can handle :)
How to make a dofollow blog on wordpress

Now, in fact, the practical part of the article. By default, wordpress for each backlink on the poster put the attribute rel = 'external nofollow'. It prohibits indexing links for search engine Google, and more recently, and Yandex. Therefore the main task to get rid of the unnecessary attribute in the link commentator. Here, as always, there are two ways.

A. For those who does not like to delve into the code of the system, is afraid of something or just to spoil prefers to use plug-ins, I can advise to download sem dofollow plugin . It allows you to save your comments, but rather links to the authors of "an evil and unnecessary" attribute nofollow.

Installation is simple - fill in the FPT module folder / wp-content/plugins /, and then activate it from admin. At the time of writing the post dofollow plugin supported version of the system up to WordPress 2.9.1 (minimum - 2.0).

Two. The second option - a direct code editing system WordPress . If you look at the template responsible for the removal of comments, comments.php file or functions.php, where the output can be overridden, you will find the function comment_author_link. That it generates and displays a link that points to the user when commenting.

Now go to the ftp directory blog wp-includes, where we find a file comment-template.php. In it are looking for the above function (it must begin somewhere in the 140 line).

function get_comment_author_link() {
/** @todo Only call these functions when they are needed. Include in if... else blocks */
$url    = get_comment_author_url();
$author = get_comment_author();

if ( empty( $url ) || 'http://' == $url )
$return = $author;
// $return = "<a class="url" rel="external nofollow" href="$url">$author</a>";
$return = "<a class="url" href="$url">$author</a>";
return apply_filters('get_comment_author_link', $return);
Attention! In my example, I want us to change the line - look at the very end there is a phrase «$ return =», where the prescribed format of the link. It is sufficient to clean out rel = 'external nofollow', save the file and overwrite it on ftp. After that, check the code comments - voila, now our blogdofollow. The only comment on the method - if you upgrade wordpress have this little hack to repeat again.

In general, comment on posts not ashamed - Inside WordPress dofollow blog now! Just please do not spam - ​​write good meaningful comments and do not leave links to psevdosayty.


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