May 28, 2012

New features in WordPress 3.4 - Preview Release

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New features in WordPress 3.4 - Preview Release
Approaching the next version of WordPress 3.4. Today on Twitter read the release of its second beta version, so it's time to figure out what the new developers are preparing us for this release. we had to gather information on the parts from different sources. Maybe something I still miss, but the main points, of course, will be considered.Incidentally, the full version of WordPress 3.4 will be released in May. So she prepares for us ...

If you talk in general terms about the new features, it:

  • Adjuster themes (templates) with viewing.
  • Flexible size caps blog.
  • Ability to select as a cap or a background for the blog image from the media library.
  • A more interesting and functional search patterns.
  • Edit comments when editing posts.

In addition, the release also includes these points:

  • The new XML-RPC for mobile applications and different services.
  • Performance improvements WP_Query (needs testing).
  • Improvements to localization, allowing to add a performance.
  • Support for installation of "daughter" to those of the official repository of templates.

In general, this update lacks various new products that are related to performance - I want to believe that this will improve the speed of the wordpress. However, this certainly can not say about the beta - some experts measurements showed an increase in memory consumption by 2-4% as compared to WP 3.3 and 3-7% with respect to the system version 3.2. Let's see how will the official release, yet the focus is still attracted to the functions to work with templates.

Adjuster templates and "viewer"

After you install this or that topic, you will see a link to configure it (customize), and it works with all patterns. When you click on the page will get with 6 sections - options subject, title, header, background, navigation and static front page.

Adjuster templates and "viewer"

Settings are not that many and they are not as steep as in many other fee-based templates or frameworks, but it may be said, the first step to creating this functionality in the system. I think new users or, say, when building a website to order these fine options will be very useful. Plus, I hope their numbers will grow in the future.

wordpress templete

In principle, the majority of subjects in wordpress settings were used, the same interchangeable background background appeared in WordPress 3.0. But now all these options have been collected in one place so that the user was more convenient to them to work, but also in terms of user frienly interfaces is a good solution.

Advanced Search and select a template

If you go to the wordpress admin menu, "Skin" - "Threads" tab and then select "Install theme", you can search for suitable for a template right here. For each template, display the description, title, preview button and view / install. Soon this will change some visual imagery:

Advanced Search and select a template

Everything has become much cleaner and easier. Long descriptions, the extra elements created more chaos than benefited. It was therefore decided to get rid of these options. Also, changes were made to see. Now when you click on the image in a pop-up window shows the blog using the new theme. The new version of this mechanism is as follows:

features in WordPress 3.4

On the left is a description of the topic, and to the right the result of its use. The screenshot looks nice, but personally I have is twofold sense - if the goal is to get rid of unwanted items, then why do a screenshot on the left, which it informative use? In addition, these new pages with a reboot, but rather slow down the process of viewing patterns.

The other new features in WordPress 3.4

They look a little less detail there is, in principle, make a lot of screen shots will not work.Therefore, only briefly to a description of:

  • Support for HTML in the header image - a picture you can post not only text but also link.
  • Comments for editing the post - comfortable enough to manage comments, together with work on the post. For example, you want to correct something in the text and at the same time a response to the current comment - everything happens on one page.
  • Custom Favicon - one of the sites found information that a new version of wordpress will be able to upload pictures for Favison.

Finally a little video review of all these new features in WordPress 3.4 (in English, but everything is clear):

In general, developers in recent years with frequent releases of new versions. In principle, if previously they were talking about a long, thorough debugging of all functions that work on the code and so on, but now plans have changed a bit, and they promise to release 3-4 new versions per year. It is difficult to say good or bad, but I have long ceased to update immediately after a new branch system, and wait for the release h.h.1 which would have fixed all the shoals. Rushing the introduction of new functions is, of course, interesting and fun, but it is not always justified.


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