May 13, 2012

Site map for the blog dagon design sitemap generator

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Site map for the blog dagon design sitemap generator
Site map for the blog - a thing very useful, both for humans and search engines. First, it helps to orient well in their new project. Let's say you've just got to a certain blog, and there also a list of recent posts and archives of the list for the past 20 months in the sidebar there is nothing. Visibility of the design options blog - zero, but if you add a site map, then something can be clarified. On the other hand, for the search engines - this is a good way to show all the pages of the blog to be as much as possible and faster indexing. Although search engine is more suitable site map in a format XML - this you can read in the paper the creation of XML Sitemap for WordPress blog - there is also the description has a special plug-in for its construction.

Today I would like to tell you about the site map for your blog in HTML, that is, one that is available and prominently displayed for visitors to the project.There are many different plug-ins to solve this problem - each of which has its own characteristics.Many of them we still look to the future, but today I would like to introduce you to plug dagon design sitemap generator for Wordpres . I saw him recently, not a few blogs, I liked the idea, so I decided to look at and evaluate the module in practice.

Download the plug-in Dagon Design Sitemap Generator you can on the website of the developers here . There are two versions - the latest release 3.17 for WordPress versions from 2.1 to 2.8 + (I tested it on 2.8 and 2.9 - Normal flight) as well as plug-in version 2.7 (for WordPress 2.0, which is no longer supported). It should be noted that the official website of WordPress plug-in version of Sitemap Generator by Dagon Design old, so swing on their home page. There is also an example of how it will look sitemap.
Dagon Design Sitemap Generator
Looking ahead to say that it can be a little tweak to the best :)

Installing dagon design sitemap generator

The installation process is fairly trivial plugin - Unpack the files from the downloaded, then load them into the plugin directory on the FPT wp-content/plugins /. Then activate the plugin in the admin panel Sitemap Generator system and go to its settings in the menu DDSitemapGen.

As for the settings , it is:

  • Number of links per page (+ partition on the site map page.)
  • Select to display only the publications pages or both.
  • Ordering publications and pages by date, title.
  • Different display options of the comments date.
  • Ability to exclude certain categories and pages.
  • Select the format of navigation, its location.
  • Adding a reference to the XML Sitemap (for the generation of which requires a different plug-in that simply indicates a link to map).
  • You can set links to open the site map in a new window.

By the way, plug-dagon design sitemap generator is supported by a lot of locations, including Russian and Ukrainian - are changing the interface in the settings menu, but after saving the need to reload the page.

To add a site map dagon design sitemap generator to the blog , we must create a separate page where you write the code in the text
<!-- ddsitemapgen -->

If you are using permalinks (CNC), then note the value for the page or change, such as a sitemap.Next, this value should be entered in the plugin settings in line "permanent link to site map."

Also, the output sitemaps can be used directly from the template file to use this code:
<?php echo ddsg_create_sitemap(); ?>

With regard to improving the plug- dagon design sitemap generator for wordpress, as promised. I personally do not like two things - first, the copyright on the poster, which is in the settings can not be removed. Most plug-ins such a choice is at the discretion of the user and the blog is not mandatory. Secondly, in front of each category I have deduced the word 'category »(category) - it's not that I optimized a site map for any clues, and it did not prevent the word, just looked a bit ugly.

So we're going to file Sitemap-generator.php , where we find the output line for the post title "Publications" (which is not liked, I have already shown there is a phrase sitemap) and her comment out (or delete):
// $t_out .= DDSG_POST_HEADER;

To use a variable pages DDSG_PAGE_HEADER. Further, we find mention of the word "category» DDSG_CAT_HEADER and also this piece of code a little change (a new version of the top and bottom - old commented):
 $t_out .= '<li>';
// $t_out .= '<li>' . DDSG_CAT_HEADER . ' ';

Copyright is even easier to find - near the end of the file is a reference variable DDSG_CREDITS - get rid of the entire line that contains it.

You can also tweak a little map of the site map dagon design sitemap generator using CSS. The code for this class is added 2 - ddsg-wrapper - is located around the entire site maps and ddsg-pagenav - div around the navigation.

That is, in principle, and all. If you have any questions - write in comments. By the way, and what plug-in for the site map you are using?


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