Jun 5, 2012

For which links the search engines can be punished?

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For which links the search engines can be punished?
we are considering the possible risks. In a previous article I described the general reasons for the search engines Google and Yandex may penalize sites for the placement of paid links. Today we will examine, for any paid links from sites (selling links) search engines can punish those sites.

As search engines perceive corrupt links

Search engines can punish the young sites for links, which they consider corrupt. In understanding search engines selling links - is:

  • Links that are not useful to users;
  • Way to manipulate the search engines - an attempt to raise the issue of poor quality in the search sites by artificial means.

Links that are not helpful to users - they do not disclose and does not complement the theme on the page. A user does not arise neither the desire nor the need to pass on such links. That is, These links are created more for search engines, not people.

Trying to raise the sites in the search results means the following. The information on this site may be of poor quality, non useful and uninteresting to the user. But the blogger is doing so that his site was on the first page in search engines. It uses the mechanisms by which the effect on search engines. (These mechanisms are referred to as SEO-optimization methods.) This blogger does not improve the quality of the information on its website.

What links the search engines might consider corrupt

Friends, here I want to draw your attention to the fact that the links may not always be corrupt. That is, a blogger for one reason or another can place them on your resource for free. But search engines can find these links corrupt.

What links fall into this category:

  • Anchor (ie SEO) link;
  • Links to non-thematic sites;
  • Links from which virtually no transitions occur at other sites.

NOTE: In this case we're talking about links from one site to another site.

Anchor link - it links to a particular search query, which is optimized for that page, which is referred to.

Let us consider the example of my blog, " The income from the site . " In Title main page (in the plugin settings All in One Seo Pack) such searches: website, business, website creation, website promotion, online earnings, income from the site. A reference to any of these inquiries to the main anchor of this blog will be. For example, if on another site, you click on the "Income from the site" and go to the home page of my site.

Or take a specific article. For example, in an article entitled " Bloggers - what are they? "in Title (in the plugin settings All in One Seo Pack) is the search query" bloggers. " If with the word "bloggers" on the other site will link to this article, the link will be the anchor.

In which case there are risks

Risks are possible in such cases:

  • too many corrupt links on the site (or which search engines perceive as corrupt);
  • one page of the site comes more than 3 external links to other sites;
  • Such links are placed too often;
  • for a long time on this site are published only articles with outgoing links to other sites;
  • on the site for a long time, not published (or very rarely published), new articles, but only in the older articles are added external links to other resources.

It's hard to say about specific numbers for the "too much" and "too often."

It is very important relation:

  • many articles on the site without the links and with links;
  • how many new articles are published without the links and with links.

Also important is the balance between the amount of:

  • thematic and non-thematic articles;
  • articles from non-thematic and thematic external links.

It is important that the predominant number of feature articles, and without references. Risks arise when, according to search engines, this balance is disturbed - there is a shift toward selling links.

In moderate amounts, such references are not to damage the site (even non-thematic, and in small amounts).

So, my friends, we have considered that such sales links (paid links) from the perspective of search engines and in any case possible risks.


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