Jun 27, 2012

Invitation to access your WordPress

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Invitation to access your WordPress

We know we can enable logging of our WordPress, or close it, and define the type of user of WordPress users who have registered to control what can not do, but what if we add an invitation system? .

Do not you think it will be much more professional?

An invitation to register system offers a sense of exclusivity that large companies have strengthened, and nothing like Apple with their products, to a blog or a website will give a very professional touch to our visitors. It also represents security plus access to our site, which never hurts.

Also, as always, it is simple , and we will use plugins that are going to make life very easy. Let's see some ...

  • Secure invites offers a similar system to record WordPress.com invitations, in fact, WordPress MU design for this purpose, and still works great on any WordPress. The level of customization is complete invitation system may define invitation codes, expiration dates, invitations, messages you receive, everything. Very complete and all kinds of uses. 
  • Pie register another small wonder that, in addition to offer invitations with unique codes also allows us to customize the login screen at will, making the brand experience for our visitors and users is complete. It is a system to customize the login screen cap that also adds lots of features, such as access control by CAPTCHA or even integrated payment system for registration. Come on, one pass, and only a click configurable. 
  • Invitation code checker is a classic for WordPress MU, BuddyPress, and of course, for any WordPress. Once installed offers a new field for invitation codes to require user registration. It's simple but works reasonably well. I have to say that you have not tried it so do not install it on a production site without testing it first. 
  • Invite anyone , unlike the above, if it is fully tested in existing facilities BuddyPress, which is what it is designed. Its main goal, and what differs from previous ones is that it is the community of BuddyPress who invite your friends or anyone who wants to participate in it, through a new menu to be invited by email, with texts you can configure in the administration of BuddyPress plugin. 
  • Easy BAW invitation is another star of the day. It's simple to use but does everything great. It offers generating invitation codes that you need to register in WordPress, and integrates beautifully. A jewel, simpler than Pie register or Secure Invites but more than enough for this use.

Well, these are the ones I know, if you know of any system more because you tell us in comments.


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