Jun 28, 2012

WordPress 3.4.1 Security Update

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WordPress 3.4.1 Security Update
Already have available to update WordPress 3.4.1 . 
This update is a security and maintenance, and is absolutely recommended to apply as soon as possible if you already have installed WordPress 3.4. 

This update addresses 18 bugs detected , and something more: 

  • Fixes an issue where sometimes undetected page templates of some issues. 
  • Solves problems with some permalinks structures of categories. 
  • Better management of plugins and themes JavaScript loaded incorrectly. 
  • Added support (early) to load images on devices with IOS 6 Detects an activation of the entire network, typically used by plugins. 
  • Better support for servers running certain versions of PHP (5.2.4, 5.4) or with unusual configurations (safe mode, open_basedir), which had led to warnings in some cases by avoiding sending emails. 

This version also fixes some security problems of reinforced security . The vulnerabilities were a potential information disclosure and a failure affecting multi-site installations with untrusted users. These problems have been detected and addressed by the security team WordPress. 

Ready to install from your desktop in a while, and now available for download on the official site .


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