Jul 15, 2012

A plugin to create plugins

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A plugin to create plugins

WordPress every day with ripples curl, and this plugin to create plugins is like re-descrubrir wheel mounted on a Ferrari.

Because if you've ever had enough to program a plugin and having to change code, FTP to upload to see if it works and if not, load your installation, Pluginception is your plugin to create plugins. 

The concept and the name comes from the movie " Inception ", in which Leonardo di Caprio is a kind of dream researcher, who has the ability to get into the dreams of others and create new dreams within dreams. Well that's the idea ... sort of. 

Once you install and enable Pluginception find a submenu under Plugins menu called " Create new plugin "where you find a number of fields, the basic building a WordPress plugin : 

A plugin to create plugins

  • Name of plugin 
  • Slug the plugin 
  • URI plugin 
  • Description 
  • Version
  • Author
  • Author URI 
  • License 
  • URI License 

Once filled all the fields you create a new plugin that will meet all standards of WordPress, so you make sure that at least will not break anything in this initial phase of the base structure of the plugin. 

When finished, it takes you to the editor of WordPress plugins, you'll find the newly created structure, hoping that, now if you enter your code and then plug ya, if you want, and try to activate it. 

A plugin to create plugins

If for some reason the plugin is programmed incorrectly receive an error message when trying to activate, and will not activate, which is not bad. 


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