Jul 6, 2012

Reasons for not using WordPress

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Reasons for not using WordPress

Although I always think how the default WordPress tackle any project , when I do work Web consulting is not always the final recommendation for a client is to use WordPress, because sometimes it is not the best choice .

There are several reasons why it is not always recommended or best option to use WordPress for web development , and these are some that do not recommend to a client to trust my judgment ... 

  1. Registration systems or events
  2. - Although there are plugins that use WordPress to create sites and event management including registration of hotels, are often difficult to configure and do not address all the needs that need this type of web. There are solutions for this type of applications that offer the best option for the customer. 
  3. Webs without updates - If a customer is not going to frequently update your site, if you will only use it as a portfolio of products or corporate presentation, a WordPress installation, requiring minimal maintenance and updates involves a series of unnecessary work for, and therefore would not recommend it. 
  4. Software as a web service - If this site will be a service that does not require content management system, not based on pages, posts and comments, but a specific framework, say, like Twitter, MailChimp or any of its kind comes to mind, then WordPress is not even an option, as are projects that require custom development. 
  5. Electronic commerce - Although fairly complete solutions, mixtures of theme and plugins authorities, or simply offering solutions ecommerce plugins for WordPress, if a business will depend exclusively or main e-commerce solution, then I recommend customized solutions and more specialized as Magento, for example. Furthermore, if the client wants to use the many advantages of WordPress for your business can always integrate Magento with WordPress , and have the best of both worlds. 

Apart from these specific needs and particular WordPress usually brings both in terms of positioning, content management and robustness where feasible my thought is " how I can do this with WordPress . " 

Of course, you may have another opinion and your reasons, we would like to know and comment.


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