Aug 2, 2012

WPNuggets - plug-site reviews

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WPNuggets - plug-site reviews

There's a new kid in town, WPNuggets . This new site dedicated to WordPress specializes in doing WordPress plugin reviews . 

It is fairly new, so today there are only 6 reviews, but any of them give good faith in the quality of work being done and is very good option - especially when it grows in content - to take a look before deciding to install a plugin or another . 

The concept is simple, without fancy stuff of any kind, based on entries in which they will explain step by step the features of the plugin and finally, an assessment is made ​​(no score) of the same , which I believe is the main shortcoming of this site, because I expect to score in the future, to decide it based on the choice between a plugin and another.

In any case it is always good news any new site that will teach us more about WordPress and its entire ecosystem, and this is it.


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