Aug 6, 2012

How to add featured images by category

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How to add featured images by category
The featured images are a very interesting feature of WordPress since version 2.9, but we have not always been fine, or as many entries have undefined featured picture, or just do not want to put a different one each time.

For all these occasions the possibility of defining images highlighted " by default ", without interaction from the user, and that the item we use always show something.

And a special case, is whether we want to define a default featured picture depending on the category of entry. That, incidentally, is a really interesting and useful possibility that the article did not cover how to add thumbnails by default on all inputs .

To achieve this we have the perfect assistant ...

Default thumbnail Plus plugin is a very completito while simple, with the difference that you can set default images for each category, which is a "plus" important.

It is a widely used plugin portals especially in technology, to identify issues on the cover, depending on the category, its main virtue.
How to add featured images by category
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