Sep 12, 2012

Reasons to Use WordPress

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Reasons to Use WordPress
As I have recently published the reasons for not using WordPress , and even though I already mentioned some good reasons to use WordPress if I believe that, given the changes in the last few months in this CMS, it is time to gather again, perhaps update, a list of good reasons to use WordPress , there are, and piles.

Reasons to Use WordPress

  1. SEO : WordPress since installation is ready to be search engine friendly, reporting from the zero point of the installation of the existence of the new site and its contents. The structure of WordPress themes, perfectly scalable, the permalink structure and categorization canonica do virtually unbeatable. If, in addition, we add a plugin (free) and Platinum SEO Pack or All in one SEO pack we have the perfect tandem for positioning on search engines.
  2. Automatic Updates : keep updated WordPress requires no technical knowledge or the use of additional tools, using the system to have automatic updates per day is a matter of two clicks, as well as very fast and secure.
  3. Open Source : the software being free and open source has many benefits, it is guaranteed not belong to anyone in particular, anyone can improve or expand it, and that customization is limited to only your knowledge and imagination.
  4. Plugins : unlike other CMS, in the vast majority of WordPress plugins (small applications that enhance or extend its features) are free. Best of all is that there are thousands of plugins to do almost everything you can think of, sometimes more.
  5. Topics : As with plugins, there are thousands of them, mostly free, and are really cheap payment or by annual packs at bargain prices . One of the greatest strengths of WordPress is its structure issues that I like to call "deconstructed", to easily identify where in the code goes each block or section, while identifying where to make changes or add features.
  6. Simplicity : WordPress is easy to use, improve and customize, but it is a simple CMS, on the contrary. It is designed for the user who wants a powerful publishing system with minimal training necessary, without limiting their chances.
  7. Scalability : almost as a continuation of the above reason, WordPress can get from zero to infinity, because its simplicity is not at odds with its infinite possibilities of growth, adaptation to new standards, enhancements and customizations. The limit, again, is in the user knowledge and imagination.
  8. Integration : either through plugins, or through small codes, WordPress is seamlessly integrated into other online media, social networks and websites. Share publications, send newsletters, affiliate systems, virtual stores, everything is at your fingertips, from the same interface, just add the required functionality.
  9. Popularity : the fact that WordPress is the most used and popular CMS, leading the web, is a great advantage, because being open source and used by a large number of sites, ensuring constant monitoring and improving code, updates and help between users. Another advantage is that most hosting providers allow the installation of a click or WordPress hosting specialists.
  10. Security : this very virtue of being open source, is also a safety plus, although of course it is accessible to any user Hackers to fix any vulnerability, which in contrast to proprietary software, where internal processes ( and commercial) delaying any upgrade, modify and communicate instantly and available to any community patch necessary. Of course, as with all software, there are safety tips to follow to avoid making things easier undesirables.
  11. Multisite - Multiuser : WordPress is open, can be managed by multiple users with different access levels and permissions, since its installation, and not install anything else you can use a single installation of WordPress to create endless websites in the same domain or subdomains.
  12. Free : either a (with its limitations, which are increasingly less) or installing a on your own server, WordPress is free. Then you decide and if you invest some money in improvements or quality accommodation with the installed version on your server.
  13. Publication : WordPress was born and is the ideal environment to create content to post on the net. The posts and pages editor is simple and powerful at the same time being able to load multimedia content easily, and designed especially for the editor, with its minimalist design and full screen editor.
  14. Mobile : WordPress does not require installing any desktop application to manage completely, either through your smartphone or tablet, or directly in the web administration, you can do anything: install plugins and themes, create content, manage files, upload elements multimedia, backup, everything. The philosophy of WordPress is that you can manage and improve your web wherever you are, alone with your username and password.
  15. Community : by being an open source software and its popularity, you can find help on WordPress in thousands of websites and forums such as here. With millions of WordPress installations and sites, developers offering their knowledge to using and sharing knowledge, using WordPress is up to friends.

Well, I think that is reason enough Any more?


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