Sep 12, 2012

Word limit in WordPress and how to fix it

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Word limit in WordPress and how to fix it
There is a limitation of WordPress not well known , only suffered by those who - as a server - have a habit of writing much. I mean the limitation of words / characters that can contain a page or post . Once you overcome your post / page is blank .

I do not know the specific number of characters / words limit (if you have time you put on it), even the reason, some refer to the use of short codes , but fortunately, that's what it is, has solutions ... more .

The first is obvious: write less, that nobody reads both on the web! , but if this "solution" is not an option for you then touch us do something about this ...

Split into multiple pages ... ...

A very clever solution (if smart), is split a lengthy text on multiple pages within the same input / page. This not only get to skip the limitation of WordPress but also is a more effective way to keep your visitors reading, usually fleeing long texts but with paging in several parts, are more likely to keep reading.

If you dare how: WordPress Entries paging .

Stop using short codes ... ...

For some users this will not work, especially with that used for the captions, the familiar caption WordPress adding images and galleries.

There is a solution for short codes stop provoking this ugly bug but as means to modify the installation files better not use it.

Regular Expressions ... (the mother of all solutions) ...

The real problem comes from the engine management of PHP regular expressions, so that the ultimate solution is to change the file php.ini as follows:

  1. Open the php.ini file in the text editor used flat soles (the file is usually in the php installation folder)
  2. Change recursion limit to 200x, or, put it well :: pcre.recursion_limit = 20000000
  3. Backtrack limit changes to 100x, or :: pcre.backtrack_limit = 10000000
  4. Stop and restart Apache (or IIS)

I hope this will solve this ugly problem, and if you know of any other solution feel free in the comments


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