Oct 6, 2012

Email moderation only the author of the entry

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Email moderation only the author of the entry

Today I found the solution to a problem I've been dragging for years on WordPress, and is something that I think is a fundamental error. I refer to the fact that the warning emails pending moderation of comments to be sent to the administrator of the WordPress installation , and not only the author of the post in question, in my opinion, should be the one responsible for managing the Articles conversation is not it?.

This (I think) is given by the fact that, by default, the profile " Author "WordPress user has no moderator capabilities, what would your logic, but I do not send emails to my profile" Editor ". Okay, I understand that the only safe profile exists all WordPress installation is the administrator, because it is bound to have one and so ensures WordPress, but I think it would be easy to enable the notice pending moderation comments come just to author each entry - when they exist - and not also the manager, have created or publications.

This situation affects the reporting or " standard "of new comments, which in this case only goes to the author of the entry. just mean the notice pending moderation of comments , which is where it gets  WordPress.

Now imagine my situation (and I guess maybe yours too), with hundreds of installations in which you WordPress admin , but do not post anything on that site. The result is an email account permanently fucked notices "awaiting moderation".

Fortunately, as I said, this is simple solution , and the easiest I've found is the plugin called comment moderation Send e-mail to post author only . Come on, can not be more explanatory name. And does exactly that, just have to install and activate it, and from that moment, without any configuration, sends notices of comments pending moderation only the author of the post, but also parallel to the administrator.

Simple, effective, and today a staple in all my WordPress installations for clients, friends and surroundings.


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