Oct 8, 2012

Export (and import) WordPress widgets

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Export (and import) WordPress widgets
 Make WordPress migration from one domain to another is relatively simple, here we have seen several times, and there are tools to help us keep entries, comments, and even WordPress plugins settings .

Now, with the widgets is different , let alone if we talk about text widgets.

And I mean especially text widgets because they are the most customizable , the rest involve only a couple of clicks, but in the text include advertising codes, links " referrals ", all kinds of things, or the save as text before a migration or lose them altogether.

The problem is that the widgets are not exported using export to XML, but I do not even exporting the database .

The solution would be to have a tool to stop export and also import then existing widgets and their settings and customizations.

And the solution exists in the form of plug ...

Widget Settings Importer / Exporter born for it, is a veteran plugin that allows you to export your widgets in format JSON and then, on the new site, import, sidebars on the same site earlier, after installing the plugin again. Also, do not remove existing widgets on the new site but adds you exported.

That if miracles do not , and if the new site theme you use does not have the same side bars can not import them, you should take this into account when import and use a theme with the same sidebars or the same subject but the plugin will not know where to put them around, I think it's quite logical.

Once installed adds two new menu under the menu " Tools "from our desktop WordPress. The first action would be to export them around, for what it offers, the submenu " Widget settings export ", a list of existing ones, where we can select the ones you want to export:
Widget settings export
 The plugin download a file called widget_data.json :
 The new site installed the plugin and go to another menu, in this case " import Widget settings "and choose the previously downloaded file. When loading which we will offer to import:

choose the previously downloaded file
And after the plugin process takes you directly to the Widgets page for you to check that everything is correctly imported .

It is best joke works , export and import your widgets, place them in the bar where they were, in the order they were, full text widgets and how you had all the same as before.

And do not be afraid to see what is not tested with the latest versions of WordPress, I've tried even in WordPress 3.5 (still in development) and goes like stink. It is an essential plugin for migration .


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