Oct 25, 2012

Finally featured images in WordPress for iOS

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Finally featured images in WordPress for iOS

If there was something I had demons in WordPress for iOS was the fact that it will not support featured images .

" Thanks "to this, if an entry creabas applying WordPress for iOS, if your theme uses featured images functionality integrated forced you to open your WordPress site before publishing to add it.

Fortunately this is no longer an obstacle for the upgrade of WordPress for iOS yesterday, specifically version 3.2 , has joined Featured image support .

The list of new features in this version is this:

  • Featured image support, can determine a default size in the application settings.
  • Notices "push" too hosted WordPress on your own server, because until now only had ads for sites WordPress.com. That if, to "enjoy" these ads have to be installed on your WordPress at least version 1.8.2 of JetPack plugin, but still will not warnings.
  • More accessible settings, and previously only on device settings, and now you're in the settings page of the same application, so if you want to change any option you do not have to leave WordPress for iOS and reenter.
  • Stability improvements, especially in statistics.
  • Troubleshooting, in this case more than 70
Again, enough reason to upgrade is not it?


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