Oct 5, 2012

Learn WordPress with official screenshots

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Learn WordPress with official screenshots
It turns out that almost all blogs sobramos on WordPress, as more and more valuable resources on the official WordPress website , so many that sometimes one is surprised to find them.

One is the section of " snapshots "of WordPress .

A special sub-site which cover the following aspects of WordPress:

  1. The theme Twenty Eleven
  2. Installing WordPress
  3. Management Interface
  4. Network

Each section is a series of screens, step by step , each of the windows in that part of WordPress, explained in the caption.

It is in English, no further explanation, but as there are parts that are self-installation , and more than one would be more than enough to use as a quick guide. Others, like the Twenty Eleven, is simply an aspect ratio of each page, but without explaining its use issues, but hey, that's all.

Here are some samples:
network-site-add-new (1)

dashboard (1)

install-step5 (1)

Enjoy it, you have it in WordPress Screenshots .


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