Oct 7, 2012

WordPress Automatic Updates ... but fully automatic

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WordPress Automatic Updates ... but fully automatic
The system updates WordPress, automatic misnamed , actually requires user interaction: that is you, if you decide to upgrade - just a click - plugins, themes or WordPress itself.

But what if they were fully automatic updates? , to be updated your plugins, WordPress themes and then an update was available.

Sure, if you learned something in WordPress Help , the first thing that came to mind was Danger, danger! , and thought well, because that is the main danger of some automatic updates to " Chrome style "as and has announced that it will incorporate WordPress .

And you have to take certain precautions before upgrading WordPress , and the same if you use plugins or custom themes, not a background refresh, automatic truth , your website is loaded completely.

But if you're sure you have a clean install with standard plugins and themes , you just want to forward to the future and try Automatic Updater , a WordPress plugin that will update you fully on when updates are available.

The thing is so automatic that you learn by email that you send the plugin after updating, informing you of what has been updated.
WordPress Automatic Updates ... but fully automatic
Personally I do not use it, but for blogs - as I said before - with few standard plugins, themes untouched and so it seems an interesting option for updates not yet walk, and forget , like you're on a site managed as WordPress . com.


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