Nov 7, 2012

Conditional Menus in WordPress

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Conditional Menus in WordPress
The use of " conditional "in WordPress is perhaps one of the most used features in career-oriented sites, because you can customize the display of content according to the displayed page and other given conditions.

And if we saw using WordPress conditional tags , now let's apply this concept also to the menus , but surprisingly so much easier ... waaaaay more .

I say simple because the plugin called Menu If we have it in the easiest way possible as to install a new suit adds menu items to determine under what condition we want it to appear.

The options offered, after clicking on the box labeled " Enable conditional logic "of each menu item are as follows:
Enable conditional logic

Show or hide if ...

  • The user is connected
  • It manager
  • Is Subscriber
  • He collaborates
  • He is the author
  • He is editor
  • It's on the cover of the Web
  • Display is input in the simple
  • It is a page

From there you decide to use him, and the possibilities are enormous . You can display links to special pages for registered users who otherwise would not be visible or hidden links will cover only when in an article yourself.


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