Nov 28, 2012

Customize WordPress with WP butt Helpers

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Customize WordPress with WP butt Helpers

Long been looking for something like this, a tool to unify a bunch of customizations when WordPress installations deliver clients or projects.

And there are many plugins (perhaps too many) to customize settings and options of WordPress but I finally found one that brings together the best of the best .

I'm talking about WP Helpers , a marvel of plugin, forced into any WordPress installation in which there is more than one user, even for a single user, who becomes the mother of tweaking WordPress .

The customization options that offer are almost endless, including many tricks that we have seen here in WordPress Help , namely:

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wordpress help-2

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wordpress help-5

wordpress help-6

  • Control your WordPress admin bar, including the text " Hello ".
  • Show IDs in pages of posts, pages, categories, tags, users, media, custom entry types and custom taxonomies.
  • Disable the change of subject.
  • Remove the tab "Display Options"
  • Disable update notices WordPress, themes and plugins (individually).
  • Put the site in maintenance mode.
  • Hide Desktop widgets.
  • Define columns default desktop.
  • Show a warning to users, either in the admin area or on the same site.
  • Set the default post editor (Visual or HTML)
  • Completely disable the visual editor.
  • Increase the height of the box when you write an entry Extract.
  • Turn off autosave.
  • Number of entries in the page editor.
  • Set the length of extracts by characters or words.
  • Remove the prefixes "Private" and "Protected" in the titles.
  • Disable RSS feeds.
  • Add images highlights the RSS feed.
  • Include or exclude input types in the form.
  • Disable XML-RPC (in WordPress 3.5 or higher)
  • Do not allow comments on pages.
  • Remove the self-linked in the comments.
  • Turn off auto-ping.
  • Improvements in classes "Body / post" browser detection, taxonomies (including hierarchical levels), date of entry, entry miniature, author information, registered users, multisite, extracts, etc..
  • Remove some or all default WordPress widgets.
  • Execute shortcodes in widgets.
  • Remove from the header of a WordPress theme version, link to the feed, link RSD, and relational links "wlwmanifest" for entries related to the current.
User Profiles

  • Remove the option of desktop color schemes of user profiles.
  • Remove the boxes to profiles AIM, Yahoo IM, Jabber / Google Talk

The plugin is free, and the only requirement is that you first install another plugin , piklist , nor ask bread, otherwise it's a blast.


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