Nov 17, 2012

WordPress Extensions for Firefox and Chrome

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WordPress Extensions for Firefox and Chrome
 If you like the integration that offers bar, now in server-hosted WordPress using JetPack , certainly appreciate the WordPress extensions for Firefox and Chrome .

What they offer these extensions, they are about equal in their use and profit, is to have quick access to the features of the bar shared but not on, from the toolbar of your browser, and visit the site you visit .

Just install it and have the icon, and the first thing you have to do is enter your credentials

From there the magic begins then, as with the WordPress bar, but from any website , you can follow a site if it is or has JetPack installed with integration, to " reblog "the same , and get out without serving notices of comments on your sites.
you can follow a site
 The role of blogging site is wonderful, because you have a " Post it "but the style . Extension Extension

In short, I would say that extensions must for any wordpressero it claims to be. So you're taking on install, here are the links:

WordPress Extension for Chrome
Firefox Extension for WordPress

I do not use much these browsers but if I have installed Chrome , I use it when I'm traveling, to have everything in sync.


  1. The Firefox ones will be quite useful to me and I think they will be quite needed by everyone.

  2. I want to add that extensions for Google chrome, so how can I do it?

  3. Useful post. I was not aware abut the word press add-ons thanks for sharing the information. I am going to install this in my browser.