Nov 26, 2012 does not care the privacy of its users

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I do not talk much about politics privacy because it's an item on bloggers in general butif you use or statistics JetPack plugin created by Automattic, the company behind, you must read this article carefully because not you're not taking care of your visitors privacy unless you take action.

I discovered this a few days ago, checking the cookies of various sites created with WordPress to create privacy policy pages that reflect the reality of the same, when I found a cookie that unknown: _qca , which proved to Quantcast .
which proved to Quantcast
You can check it using, for example, Ghostery , an extension available for all browsers.Incidentally, anyone with this extension in your browser may block tracking cookies in a personalized way, so it's a staple that should be always on if you want to be aware and jealous of your privacy .

Is even more comprehensive extension to Firefox Web developer , showing detailed pages of active cookies and information about them.
active cookies and information
And it seems that the big problem started for almost two years , in early 2011, when he joined Automattic Quantcast tracking statistics in your plugin , formerly Stats plugin and now part of JetPack. This means that if you have a website or use stats module JetPack're carrying a cookie ( _qca ) that gathers information from your visitors and, as reported by Quantcast , someone is sharing with others .
This " little thing "is not specified anywhere in theAutomattic privacy policy , there is not even any reference in the support page of Stats , what should be done to at least be informed and be able to link to its privacy policy on the privacy policy page of our own website .

But then I do what I can to meet Automattic this failure?

There are several things you can do:
Use some form of notice of cookies in WordPress .
Create a good privacy policy page that includes all cookie information that may be providing information to others, including those listed JetPack and Quantcast statistics where appropriate (in hosted WordPress always and only if you use the module JetPack stats).
Install the plugin DoNotTrack , which prevents your plugins created or saved codes and cookies of your visitors.
... And encourage your readers to install Ghostery.

And I can think of some more.


  1. I am new to blogging and I don’t know very much about that. Thanks for your information. It is really useful for beginners like me.

  2. This is a much valuable news for Wordpress users, because they can consider about privacy hereafter.

  3. When something's given for free we can't expect privacy and even the developers who design the plugins/themes doesn't have the ownership.

  4. Should put up a note on my site saying.. "Beware of cookies!, It's not me it's the wordpress" :D