Nov 15, 2012

Your city in WordPress

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Your city in WordPress has launched a new service aimed to put your city on the map thanks to the technology of WordPress , and you get really easy.

The process is simple as could be, just go to the new site at cities and create a new site from there. The system takes you to a special page to create new site, encouraging you to give a name to your city .
create a new site from there

Next takes you to the welcome screen typical of WordPress, but adapted to the promotion of cities , where the most striking thing is that your site comes with no less than 38 pages already created , specially designed to put your town on the map .

adapted to the promotion of cities

The titles are self-explanatory:
  • Neighbors 
  • Art and culture 
  • Elections and votes 
  • Waste and recycling 
  • Permits and licenses 
  • Schools and education 
  • Transport 
  • Buildings 
  • Business 
  • Help and tools for business 
  • Permits and licenses 
  • Start your business 
  • Business Change 
  • Visitors 
  • Art and culture 
  • Events and activities 
  • Eating and drinking 
  • Places to go 
  • Sports, entertainment and fun 

  • Departments 
  • Control animals 
  • Fire 
  • Defense of the law 
  • Libraries 
  • Natural resources 
  • Parking 
  • Parks and recreation areas 
  • Water 

  • Town hall 
  • Boards and Commissions 
  • Aldermen 
  • Mayor 
  • Office of the Mayor 
  • Property Taxes 
  • Chamber of Commerce 
You see, a fairly reasonable structure which should have a website that promotes a city (or town) . But that's not all ...

No effort on your part, you will also find more uses:
  • Home static, focused on providing general information about your city 
  • Link to news section where new entries appear 
  • Link to the site map for easy navigation through all its contents. 
  • New widget / plugin to show future events, to be displayed from any link created online calendar with Google Calendar 
  • All functions usually 

wordpress primary sidebar

You see, very focused, and well prepared, where you just have to start customizing the structure, upload photos, fill in the information, rename pages, anything to put your city on the map .

Sounds like a great idea, with a target well defined small towns where it can be a very good choice even for municipal services.


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