Dec 9, 2012

Auto download remote images to WordPress gallery

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One of the misuses of image loader, which I never recommend, is " Insert media from URL ", and not recommended for several reasons, all important to my view.
remote images to WordPress Insert url
The main reasons why it is not recommended to use this mode NEVER add media to our WordPress are these:

  • Bundles hotlinking is, your traffic will " weigh "to the site that actually hosts the image, and if your website traffic is high you can reach even knock that hosts the original files. This is not bad if you do it from servers as flickr images, but is particularly annoying and even harmful if you do it to a website or blog of another person or company.
  • You have no control over the images on your site, because if you move or delete the original picture you'll see an ugly hole in your website.
  • These issues can use them mostly as featured images, because the systems automatic thumbnail creation not usually get along with no external servers or directly support them.
  • WordPress can not use images as thumbnails linked to outstanding images.
Viewing these reasons, I believe that powerful enough, of course the first thing that would come to mind would do things right and download the images you want to use, upload them to our WordPress (physically) by means charger and so problem solved .

Okay, but what if we could somehow automate?

Well there are several ways, we will see some ...

Hot linked image cacher with keywords - Great plugin, really powerful and superior to others, because not only download the images you have linked but can also do on all older posts where there are linked images, like beasts.

Also, you can auto-assign keywords to images linked to downloads, it is particularly recommended except for special situations, but it can. The idea is that the images do not retain the original names but something like " descargada1.jpg image "," image descargada2.jpg "and so on, if you chose the keyword" download image ", surely you know what I mean well you better not do it.

DX autosave images - this other plugin allows automatic downloading of the images links, automatically generating thumbnails.

Autosave remote image - similar to above, but in this case only works for the first linked image you find and use it as a featured picture. It is useful, for example, when migrating server, or your hosted WordPress, and do not want to lose the thumbnails on the issue if the images are not migrated, discharging at least the first picture to use as prominent.

Auto upload images - another very complete plugin, when you post an entry, checks for linked images, and if so the download and upload to your gallery entry, then replaces the external links to the new interns. There is nothing to configure, install it, activate it and go.

Well, these are the ones I found, if you know any method you tell us in the comments.


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