Dec 18, 2012

Import your Instagram photos to WordPress

Import your Instagram photos to WordPress
Now it has jumped the scandal about the change in the conditions of Facebook, Instagram owns , why may make commercial use of our photos from Instagram , although the property consisting follow as the user, and despite the explanations , it seems that almost body asks us see options, just in case, or at least as an option, to know how to import our photos from Instagram to WordPress .

The truth is that for me has been the straw that broke the camel, and not that I had a lot of pictures, and of course no good, but starting to get a little tired of these policy changes proprietary networks, so this Later I closed my Instagram account .

Of course, not without import my photos to WordPress , to keep them in an environment where I decide the ownership, use and conditions of my content: in my WordPress .

So if you look at the same question, or already have decided, there is a great plugin for WordPress Instagram matter , called DsgnWrks , and then decide what you do with your Instagram account and even Facebook ( I'm thinking about it).

Once you install it and activate it go to the plugin settings panel, which is in " Tools -> Instagram settints Importer ". In the first screen you have to click to grant permission for the import plugin ...
Instagram to WordPress
Once approved you back to the settings page where you can choose which pictures to import, how to label them, if you want to publish as inputs, all in a really full advantage of options, as you will not see in other importers.
Import Instagram to WordPress
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  1. This is something new. This is great. I should try this soon.

  2. WordPress is one of the best Content management systems. I wasn't aware of this particular instagram plugin. Thanks for the post.

  3. Thanks for announcement this advisory article.