Dec 13, 2012

WordPress 3.5 Final Now Available

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WordPress 3.5 Final Now Available
That's it, the wait has been long but especially intense and exciting. We have available WordPress 5.3 final version, .

As a reminder, we will point out the new features of WordPress 3.5 that already you can start using your website:
  1. New charger and image management.
  2. Several galleries can reorder with "drag and drop" images of each other.
  3. Attached Image Editor.
  4. Icons planes in the visual editor.
  5. Square buttons instead of round (presumably more modern).
  6. New Default Theme Twenty Twelve (Twenty Ten is no longer in the official distribution but can be downloaded separately).
  7. Desktop HiDPI for a better experience with retina screens .
  8. The whole area is now adaptive management to the device that is being displayed.
  9. Improved support elements "embeddable" with oEmbed (Instagram, Slideshare, Soundcloud).
  10. Plugins favorites .
  11. Improved multisite, as now you can install in a folder.
  12. It renames the editor "HTML" to "Text"
  13. Link management disappears .
  14. XML-RPC enabled by default (sic).
  15. Updated APIs (TinyMCE, jQuery, jQuery UI, jCrop and SimplePie).
As you see there are many new things, some oeuvres and others less so, but all noteworthy, so try it now! . And now the question ...
upgrade to WordPress 3.5


  1. Amazing, I waited for this long time. I should install it soon.

  2. I really love to work with wp, because of the user friendliness. And also I already installed the new version and it’s pretty cool.