Jan 21, 2013

Do not use the WordPress file editor

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Do not use the WordPress file editor
Today I will give a simple tip, which I hope you keep for your sake, and that is never use the integrated file editor of WordPress , or to modify themes or plugins for editing, not ever .


Well, for one simple reason, which is that if you make any changes there inadequate or key combination can undo button , so if you're wrong and you did not have the foresight to save the original code to return to leave things as they were have a problem .

Is particularly sensitive when it comes to plugins, there is neither to prove, because a mistake can leave even without access to the administration area and then if you remember the advice I gave you and that you did not listen.

So how do I edit WordPress files? ...

Well simple, as I do, with external code editors . The main advantage is that you have the " undo "the essential" Command + Z "(" Control + Z "in Windows and others).

With the systems we will see below that blew open the file, make the change and save, click Refresh on your browser window to see what the result and if all works already, and if you've uploaded something you go to menu " Undo last action "or" Undo typed text ", or what it is called in the application, and recover what had guards again to return to the previous situation .

I give you three chances to do so, now if if are recommended:

... 1. FTP client and code editor ...
FTP client and code editor
Personally it is the option that I use . I have always in my Mac client Transmit FTP (well, actually I have installed a lot but this is the one I use regularly), and application options I have it set to open all files of code with an external editor, which in my case it Fraise : lightweight, powerful and easy to use, although it is a dead upstream. If you like to choose Smultron , virtually unchanged.

Other possible FTP clients:

  • Cyberduck (Mac and Windows - Free). Despite the cheesy name (and the icon does not say) is very easy to use, complete and effective.
  • Filezilla (Multiplatform - Free). UI has a really horrible, anchored in the times of the first Linux window managers, but it is very complete and works well. Its best feature is that there is also Linux version

I do not recommend customers integrated into the browser, FireFTP type , because they are very stable and if you leave half a load anywhere you can leave blank.

Other possible code editors:

  • TextWrangler (Mac - Free) - is a veteran customer, very complete but I never liked the interface
  • Notepad + + (Windows - Free). The best thing for Windows.
  • Sublime Text 2 (Multiplatform). It's more advanced than in versions for Windows, Linux and Mac

You see I have recommended in any case like Dreamweaver and bestiality , as well as being payment seems to me too much load an application of that weight just to edit a few lines of code

... 2. Code editor with integrated FTP ...

Code editor with integrated FTP2Code editor with integrated FTP1

Although less power if that is possible with advanced code editors and the wonderful, amazing and essential Coda (Mac only) from the creators of Transmit. It works at the time as an FTP client but its main virtues are in programming, a CSS editor especially fantastic.

... 3. OS built-in FTP and code editor ...

OS built-in FTP and code editor

Advanced operating systems like Linux and Mac OS X have built-in FTP service in file managers. So with any code editor that we have seen in the first option would not have to install anything else.


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