Jan 26, 2013

WordPress in one click from the Mac App Store

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Mac App Store

Was recently published a free app on the Mac App Store that installs everything you need to have your own Mac WordPress .

This is for BitNami WordPress Stack that includes an Apache web server, a MySQL database, the PHP programming language and application phpMyAdmin to manage the databases from the browser. This new application is independent of your system and will not conflict with other servers that have already been installed.

Once installed you just have to start the Apache and MySQL servers to access the WordPress application from your browser. Check that both servers are started and click on the "Visit Application". You can also change the ports where they are working in a simple, default Apache MySQL in 8080 and in 3306.
BitNami WordPress S

Just needed to access the application as administrator WordPress to start working with. The default user name is " user "and the password" BitNami ". Now you can start to breathe life into your own WordPress themes by adding, changing or adding style plugins. You can also access the application phpMyAdmin from the same tool for working with databases.

BitNami WordPress Stack for is an application for your Mac that lets you have your own WordPress in a fast, easy and free.


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