Jan 15, 2013

Solution to limit menus and submenus in WordPress

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Solution to limit menus and submenus in WordPress

In case you did not know, because the truth is that the figures vary from normal to disproportionate, there is a limit to the number of menus and submenus that you can create in WordPress .

The problem is not WordPress, but WordPress also suffer if they ever need to create many menus.

In theory, despite what was said in a trac ticket , WordPress has no limits on the number of menus you can have. It is more a matter of your server, because there are limitations of Suhosin on the maximum number of POST variables to list. Although if you think about it like a problem rather than a success, to avoid overload - usually - unnecessary.

What is not clear is the number of the limit , as some users have been trying to create 16 others to get to 50, or even just to go from 200 menus.

In any case, as I guess you're waiting, you can skip this limitation with a simple change , or not so simple. And I say that not as simple because you always have access to the file PHP.INI of your accommodation, which is where you should put a line like this:

{ suhosin.post.max_vars = 5000
suhosin.request.max_vars = 5000 }

These two lines define the boundary Suhosin POST to 5000 , which of course you can modify to your liking (I recommend you just one more than they really need, if you need a jug).


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