Jan 19, 2013

WordPress Download Monitor closes What use now?

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WordPress Download Monitor closes What use now?

Just leave what will be the last update WordPress Download Monitor plugin . In fact not even detectable in the page and official plugins repository.

It deserves my attention because it has accompanied me for years to WordPress download manager, and has been, so far, the simplest and most convenient plug-in for this type of work, and in fact is the one I use in WordPress Help .

As the author says in the changelog ...

This should be assumed to be the final release as the plugin is no longer Developed

And then the question arises ...  what plugin use from today .

I myself am researching, for although the current version (3.3.6) is fully functional never not a good idea to use a plugin whose development has been abandoned except redoing the project and continue programming, the good of the GPL .

Meanwhile, there are some options to consider, which will soon be tested, which I also recommend:

  • Download manager - the first one I used with WordPress, and perhaps the closest thing to download monitor. Much improved in recent versions and is a very interesting option. A priori, before trying other more novel, would be my first choice.
  • Easy digital downloads - is the star of the moment, which I have long wanted to take a touch. It not only offers a simple system to offer downloads but also to offer paid downloads. The painting is great and there are plenty of modules as plugins that enhance its functionality, creating a true ecosystem around it.
  • Document revisions + Simple WPDR downloads - it's actually the second plugin that converts the first, a document manager document version, a powerful download manager that takes full advantage of version control first. An interesting option for specialized environments and, above all, collaborative.
  • Filebase download manager - similar to monitor and Download Manager Download, complete and very effective. Its management is very visual, with a download page auto-generated file browser appearance.
  • Download manager MS - complete download manager that offers creating buttons, statistics and multi-media.
  • Simple download monitor - very simple, but functional download manager, which provides a list of the number of files downloaded. The application process is very manual, and should even create a folder using FTP before using.
  • SS Downloads - plugin specializes in creating forms which require user's email address to download files. Very useful for marketing campaigns and customer tracking of your projects. Maybe not the most complete for general use but is perfect for specialized uses.
And above all I would like to know your experience with these or other plugins, to make the right decision.


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