Feb 9, 2013

2-Step Verification plugin in WordPress

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2-Step Verification plugin in WordPress
 The security of a website is essential, and one of the most attacked in an installation of WordPress is the login screen, and it installs Wordfence yourself and you can check the number of attempts to brute force attacks that are received daily if Your site has some popularity.

This is why it is worth assessing incorporate the latest security technologies: the 2-step verification .

This method, already used by such popular services as Google and Dropbox , as well - probably - your online banking to access requires you to enter, along with your username and password, an additional code that will make it easier for mobile phone or other methods.

If you are committed to the security of your site, there are several ways to have 2-step verification in WordPress , let's see some ...

2 step auth - This plugin adds 2-step verification for WordPress, rechecking can decide between one of these three methods:

  • SMS message, so you'll need to have the system active or SMS TextMagic Global Account
  • security code list
  • email sending code

Whichever method you choose the 2-step verification is enabled for users with administrator privileges , even in WordPress Multisite, while users with less permissions will still use the normal login screen.

To start the plugin follow the 3 steps of your settings page and it will launch.

step2 verification in WordPress step2 verification in WordPress step2 verification in WordPress step2 verification in WordPress

WordPress mobile code step
WordPress to key step

email WordPress step
It is a comprehensive, integrated and requires no external service (unless you use the SMS), so it has everything you need.

2.   Google Authenticator - The system 2-step verification for Google you can activate it in WordPress.             In this case you should install the app to your phone, available for all major mobile operating systems like Android or iOS, and a WordPress plugin that connects you with the service. The process would be something like this, regardless of the plugin used:

  • Install the plugin to connect to Google Authenticator. I recommend WP 2 step verification or Google Authenticator plugin
  • Get the plugin settings page and choose a name to show on Google Authenticator.
  • Generates a secret key and a QR code, the latter read it with your mobile application.

 plugin settings page

The mobile application will generate a code, enter it in the settings page.

application will generate a code

 Thereafter, every time you want to access WordPress need to generate a new code in the Google Authenticator app on your phone and place it in the login screen changed.

 login screen changed
 How have you found the initial setup process is more tedious, but once access is done immediately, quickly generating a code for your phone when you want to access.

Nothing else, just recommend you check it out, as security improves many integers WordPress .


  1. The steps are very clear to understand and workout and thanks for sharing it.