Feb 2, 2013

How To Avoid Repeating Mistakes in Blogger

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How To Avoid Repeating Mistakes in Blogger

This post is written in the framework of " 7 Tips. Today I want to tell you about the mistakes beginners who give birth to a blog. All of them are tested by experience. Therefore, illuminating them now, so you learn from the mistakes of others.

Here we go!

1. Choosing the wrong blog themes . 

Choose a niche that you close. Very often, beginners can see that there is some profitable niche. Where, as it seems, you can make good money. But if you find it difficult to write articles on a blog, you are not interested in these topics, constantly have to force yourself to advance your life, then what kind of earnings is all about?

Choosing the wrong blog themes

Blog can unleash almost any subject. The main thing that you enjoyed it, I wanted more and more deeply explore topics that you light. Because of this success can be achieved only by engaging in that business that you love.

2. Immediately seek to earn something. 

This is like a baby drive from home send to work. God forbid, if he did survive he just will give someone a lot of money, but the real money, then make it impossible (pardon the tautology).

Immediately seek to earn something

So it is your blog. That he "can"? Nothing yet. But "who raised him (create a friendly, trusting atmosphere)," teach the brains "(fill it with quality content), but help him to" friends "to get (boost the attendance to at least 500-1000 people a day). Here then began gradually add to the part time "baby" (hang one or two banners, or write a good article with an affiliate link, or a guest).

Get ready for what you will first need a lot and work hard. Do not rush to sell links and overwhelm blog advertising banners. This may just kill your blog initially. Indicators can "fall through the floor", never got to begin to rise. Or your blog will get under the filter ACS.

blog will get under the filter ACS

I think no need to explain how hard it is to go from there. It's easier to start a new blog than remove it from the ban.

3. They do not want to invest in your blog. free way to promote a blog, of course, you can, but it's you, most likely, it will take years of work and lost health. And over time, the complete absence of friends and maybe even family. Because you just sit at the computer continuously for 16-20 hours a day and walk like zombies.

Now I'm starting a new blog. And go to a completely different method of promotion. Thank God that I began to understand it.

4.  do not want to invest in themselves, in their own development. know, here is the thing: the more time you want to save, the more money you have to pay. Of course, you can make your own search on the Internet for answers to their questions on blog promotion, optimization and so on. But it is better to pay the person who already has the results. And do all the things he did. Only a hundred times better.

Remember: the more you invest in yourself, in your education, the more people you get useful and interesting, and, accordingly, the more you can earn.

5. By the Council, all who read it. Do not listen to everyone. Sometimes it is even so that some tips contradict each other. Try to read more those blogs whose authors themselves have achieved something. They have some results.

For example, if you read the article: how to increase traffic to your blog, and the author of 'zeros or visitors 10-20. Tell me, is it always his methods may be right? Just turn on the logic. Advice may be good, but it's best to take them from someone who has already raised attendance with them.

6. Do not set goals. backwater blog, but do not set a specific goal - what is he to you.

set a specific goal

This should be written on the paper. And described accurately and in detail. All you want from a blog, the reasons why you have got it. Write what you need and what exactly you are going to do to achieve this.

For example, take a segment in the year. Let's say you want to earn in a year a sum of money on the blog. Write that for this to be done: the number of articles on the blog for a year, how many of them to print on the top, what should be the daily traffic on what you are going to earn (the points), and so on. Goals should be con-Chretien-HN-mi .

7. Too quickly deflate. Just imagine: you lit the idea of creating a blog. You have passed a course, fully formalized blog and began to fill the content. First, of course, new to you like to write articles. It seems that it is very interesting and you do a great job. But time goes on and you start to realize that blogging is not particularly developed. You then write, working day and night long, my father Carlo, invest your time and money, and about earning something and not heard. And traffic is not particularly improved.

Here comes the sadness and the joy of blogging is gradually replaced by sorrow. You start to look for reasons not to write another article, more rarely go to the blog. Readers will see a change in the atmosphere. So never lose your temper. Pull yourself together. In order to understand where you are going, you will need from the start to keep records. Watch for statistics . And write what you have done for the day

sadness and the joy of blogging
and where to come. Sometimes, you feel that you are standing still. Then you just need to look at your records, "Wow! In December, I started a blog, had zero attendance, and now, after 6 months, more than 1,000 visitors per day. Do you think I'm on the spot!? "- You exclaim. And go to work.

By the way, I advise you to write not only about the work done on the blog, but generally carry daily. Very good if this diary will always be at your fingertips wherever you go. It would be nice to have a notepad reminders iPad'e, for example. There are some notebooks, but the best, in my opinion this is Daily Notes. And write there, what has been done today.

To fill it every day. This is very important. Especially if you want to get rid of some bad habits or lose weight, or exercise and so on. Just write, today I made a charge or today I smoked at least 5 cigarettes. Start small. Some small step today can help you achieve the seemingly unrealistic goals tomorrow. The main thing - do not stop.

7 +1 = 8 error. Lack of planning.  planning work must. In 97% of people have such a wonderful habit of "all put off until tomorrow." The main reason - it's stupid lazy! So planning helps to break the habit and get down to business. In your diary write a plan for each day. Writing tips Home 4.6 goals. A lot of writing is not necessary. For myself I know than a perfect your plan, the less likely that it will be executed.

Just write. For example:

  • 8-00 - 12-00 Article Writing blog (selection queries, writing articles, add links, add images, optimization, polishing, publishing).
  • 12-00 - 13-00 free time (lunch, walk and so on)
  • 13-00 - 14-30 read a new book on the progress of the blog
  • 14-30 - 15-00 break
  • 15-00 - 17-00 planning articles for the week
  • 17-00 - 18-00 holidays
  • 18-00 - 20-00 review and reading blogs of similar subjects, comment .

And in the evening looking for each item. What is done - are checked and what is not - carry the day. This will help you organize yourself. Since working at home is often much more difficult than in the office. Complicated in terms of self-discipline. Read more about planning, I will write in a future article, so I advise to subscribe to blog updates and be the first to get the article to your e-mail.

That's about it for today. If you have something to add, I'll be glad)

And finally, because I am involved in the competition, I would say about the prizes from Apple. I'd like to win the iPad, of course. Although the rest of the prizes I unspeakably happy, especially with regard to gadgets from Apple)

Good luck to all in the contest and great victories in life!


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