Feb 6, 2013

Delete all Wordpress Spam Comments

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Delete All Wordpress Spam Comments

The spam comments are evils of the Internet, it is one of the "black" methods of website promotion, that prey - how natural - WordPress sites mainly because default themes are supplied feedback form, which is well known for these cyber pats want to sell us shit several .

And usually nothing happens, because Akismet anti-spam plugin for WordPress default, gives a good account of them. The trouble is that, until permanently deleted, occupy valuable space in the database , let alone a network of WordPress sites, where everything is magnified.

Because, of course, multiply those comments farts full of links for each of the websites , it is clear, your database will grow at a frenetic pace, and not a matter of going site by site deleting spam comments right? .

No solution ...

Boone Gorges has created a script that gives a good account of spam comments, deleting all of the network at a stroke, to the beast and without anesthesia , there is nothing.

This little beast is made of these beautiful lines of code:
Delete All Wordpress Spam code lines

What makes what? , then wonders, is like Terminator with freshly charged batteries . Just be aware these details to have everything under control:

  • The number of sites is hand made (example 4980), mind to suit your network.
  • The string named qw_delete_in_progress is an accelerator, which ensures that only one of these routines to run each time.
  • The sample was limited to 10 reviews per page, but you can adapt it to whatever you want.
  • Most importantly, it creates a file with the code and put it in the folder ' mu-plugins '. When finished running (for that check mark qw_delete_next_blog table wp_sitemeta -'ve done if greater than the total number of websites), be sure to delete it, or at least the line says register_shutdown_function .

Nothing, you either kill him ... the spam, that is.


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