Feb 8, 2013

Free Wordpress Themes 2013

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Free Wordpress Themes 2013
Long time there was something in the blog posts about wordpress Themes, despite the fact that the topic itself is very popular. Today decided to remedy this situation, and once enough globally to provide you with a set of best wordpress Themes for the year 2012 and some of the come 2013. Here you will find 40 free themes chosen for their projects. Sampling was carried out fairly rigid: went through different collections, weed out all paid themes, broken links and dull designs. Then again looked at the list and put a couple of "unworthy" and weak patterns. As a result, there were only the ones that I personally would have been using for their projects without the slightest doubt. In short, were really the best wordpress Themes 2012-2013! you may also like More than 40 new and free WordPress-themes.

Before proceeding to the publication, a couple of points. First, the best does not mean the most vibrant, colorful and beautiful. Sometimes the designer adds the hat theme cool big picture, which eventually creates a 90% positive impression of her. I evaluated the functionality, originality, addiction to various modifications and overall impression. Second, each image pattern is the link to the source - download, view the demo threads can there. Thirdly, on the broken links - all the best Themes 2012-2013 were available at the time of publishing the post, what happened to them then - I do not know. So there you go.


On the home page displayed on a full screen jukebox. Along with that there are elements of the blog - posts, a single page. They look not so stylish, but it can contain more text information.

Biggest News

Pattern similar to the previous version has 2 distribution. But by itself it is just a very steep and almost ideal for a large news site. Unlike the magazine theme SilverOrchid here very much graphics (preview) and it all looks "perky" and bright.


In the description of the topic given a lot of options - from seo optimization, social buttons to support Google Maps and adaptive design. Visual theme also looks very nice - nice colors, you have all the necessary information block.

Blog-O-Folio WordPress Theme
Blog-O-Folio WordPress Theme
Themes attracted by its design - a stylish dark layout. Can be used to design a blog with entries portfolio.

Busby Theme
Busby Theme
I liked the color, although the layout functionality is more or less standard (contains the bare minimum for a blog, no more).

Caja theme
Cute pattern with the original master page without a sidebar. It is now quite popular format. When you click on a particular announcement post to a page with a slightly different design, which will be a sidebar. And here is great and functional footer with the contact form.

Copperific theme
Another classic model of blogging - posts, sidebar + slider in the header with the announcement notes. Design is not repulsive impression is good.

DailyPost theme
Topic bright, stand out from the many. First, because of its sidebar - the original implementation of the social buttons. Second, for the different posts, you can choose the formats that are identified in the blog design special icons. In the presence of a normal and Pro version - if I understand correctly, the latest Help Desk + PSD source.

Desire theme

Beautiful and functional theme for wordpress site. You can use the site to portfolio - on the main findings of the past, posts, there is a colorful slide. More 20 sites where you can download for free wordpress templates.

E-Commerce Theme: Balita
E-Commerce Theme: Balita
Smashingmagazine bad will advise :) I do not know at what Planina be implemented this online store, but the Themes is incomparable and "lick" to the smallest detail.

Fotofolio Landscape
Fotofolio Landscape theme
One of the most stylish sites in this collection, the focus - photoblog or portfolio. There are several different designs - for the album, for notes and the main blog.

Game Speed
Game Speed theme
Theme for gaming portal. There is a free version (fully functional), and paid - in the last footer contains sponsored links. In theory, you can try to get rid of them decode the pattern or leave.

Gridly theme
Themes in a popular style today, when all positions are consecutive in multiple columns. In general he is not a sidebar, when clicked displays only content block and navigation. Basically, it looks good - minimalist, stylish and simple.

Grid Style Theme
Grid Style Theme
Definitely a topic for your site or blog online fashion can project on the design. I can not say that I was very impressed with the design, sometimes even somewhere not too neat, but created with fashion photos of very good overall picture.

Grid wordpress theme
Grid wordpress theme
Very functional (and a bit confusing) theme for the site. As I understand it, there are several designs for different types of pages - gallery, products, etc. I do not know whether all settings are supported in the free version, but the real deal.

HTML5Press theme
Minimalist Themes technology html5. You can use different colors, clean Theme without unnecessary details.

Kansas theme
Theme background does not change when you scroll, the pattern looks bright and lively. Maybe here and there is nothing unusual or super steep, but visually it is cute to me personally.

Lefty Free WordPress Theme
Lefty Free WordPress Theme
Pattern somewhat similar to the previous one, but here the emphasis is on the blog. Liked its simplicity, minimalism and color.

Lensa theme
Another topic with great slider-saver, but in contrast to the Axis is all done on the order of professional. First, the text on the main menu, and more expressive, and secondly, there is the social buttons, and thirdly, the blog itself with posts more beautiful and stylish addition is complete the project, and not one of those "if only it was."

LilyPress theme
Pattern, similar to the previous one, because they have the same developers. However, there is a little bit different subject areas, plus three columns instead of two. We can say that this design - a cross between the classic and magazine blog theme is fine for all but the smallest projects.

MetroPress theme
In the subject would be more «Metro» style, and it turns out that it involves only the menus, the rest - just a purple background. Although in general the pattern is quite good enough for the blog.

Nomad theme
Stylish and simple Theme with menus, sliders, and an interesting logo. In the demo version is not much different elements, so the subject seems a little "empty", but if you fill the right amount of content + add widgets would be cool.

Nublu wordpress theme
Nublu wordpress theme
Classical functionality WordPress theme - there is everything you need for a professional blog or a personal project. Simple and tasteful.15 + Free WordPress themes you may also like.

Origin theme
Stylish enough topic - different previews for the posts, and generally a lot of pictures create a "cozy" emotions when viewing the main page. The only thing that is the only free Lite version of the theme, and I do not know exactly what sort of restrictions.

Photo Theme Responsive
Photo Theme Responsive
As you can see from the title, this is a topic for a photoblog. Frankly quite strange to see a preview layout monochrome. It is not clear how diazyn lose in style, if you replace them with bright images.On the other hand, you can always do an illustration of the post in the same style as the rest of the picture is shown in color.

Photum theme
Very cool theme for a photoblog, seeing her, just wanted to create your own. Functionally and stylistically done very efficiently. Gently, informative - I like it.

Plytag theme
Large slider in the header, tabs in the sidebar, the list of posts with pictures and large footer - again, nothing special, but at the same time, the pattern is normal. The only thing that the free license you will have sponsored links in the footer.

Prospect theme
Even very good in design and functionality issue - has its certain unique pieces, different styles. The page content is possible to use tabs and unfold items to save space - original!

SilverOrchid theme
Magazine theme for news portal - many information blocks, lists of articles from different categories, selected materials, etc. Everything looks quite harmonious.

SimpleCorp theme

Easy visually (in a good way) theme that has a sufficient number of options and settings. Home is more like a blog than a website. There is even a page portfolio - think the topic is quite suitable for the site web studio.

Soolretro wordpress theme
Soolretro wordpress theme
Something like this (similar pattern) can be seen until 2012, perhaps this topic is a variation of the last retro. Looks stylish and cute.

Spectacular theme
Admit the first time I've seen this design in colors - some with a mixture of grunge retro. As with other topics with Smashingmagazine the details worked out - how the text, form comments, posts and announcements, etc. On the one side looks stylish, but a long stay on the site eyes have to "get used".

Table theme
Suitable for a news site, and for a photoblog, but more inclined to the first option. In fact, the topic is nothing superfluous, even provided a place for Adsense. But at the same design seems a little "rustic."

WordPress Diary Theme
WordPress Diary Theme
Patterns in the style of the diaries and phonebooks are sometimes found, but this is definitely the most beautiful and stylish design that I have ever seen. Here every detail is traced, and the overall experience above all praise. A very cute diary for personal use.

Workality theme
As in the previous design, the emphasis is to attract thumbnail previews posts. However, in contrast to the Table Tools are generally not a sidebar - including the pages with the full text of posts (but interesting navigation between them). And apparently theme looks much more stylish.

WP Anniversary
WP Anniversary theme
Bright and lovely theme for WordPress. Even without a lot of information blocks in the sidebar and footer felt some complete songs - simple design + beautiful hat.

WP-Creativix theme
Cute design for a small project news, with any subject - suitable for both financial news and IT blog. General theme immediately evokes a feeling of "respectability."

WP-Theme: Balloons
WP-Theme: Balloons
Very nice theme with balloons in a minimalist style. Design attracts and creates a good impression, although in some places balls "nalazyat" to the text, making it unreadable.

Yaminth theme
Of course, the design of the demo versions of the theme looks bright mostly through pictures, but nothing prevents you to use the same. Although, I think, in any case, a general feeling of space, light and lightness in this thread is not corrupt. Nice Theme.

The overall impression when looking for the best wordpress  Themes - so not cool too much. Often found on the standard layout with different logos, colors, etc. Some are trying to be original, but the result looks a bit ridiculous, Previously, it was more than good, perhaps, just now all of these are gone in the direction of the paid version. But the premium  Themes can really surprise her creative design and filling! If all this is under $ 50, the purchase option is considered appropriate. In addition, you also will get PSD source layout.20 useful sites where you can buy a premium wordpress theme.


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