Feb 10, 2013

Notice of pending entries or draft in WordPress

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Notice of pending entries or draft in WordPress
 WordPress has many virtues, but one of them is that - by default - come prepared for a collaborative environment , it has no user management system and publications such as the environment requires, for example, which require a publishing flow .

A few days ago we saw how to alert users when their articles have been published but what advise the editor when items pending approval? , you're safe with me that is a feature that you miss on any site with multiple users and different profiles, which require a monitoring entries before publication .

Well, we will incorporate it, it is very easy ...

Notices of pending entries ... using code ...

There was an old plugin, now abandoned, which offered email notifications to the administrator when creating a draft entry. The problem is warned whenever the input modified, becoming a nuisance rather than a solution.

A code review of it solves the problem ...

To do this open your plugin function and add the following code:

Notices of pending entries sing code
 Works joke.
Notices of outstanding tickets

Notices of outstanding tickets ... (and more) with plugins ...

If you have plugins over multiple and varied options, some of which we have seen for other uses:

  • Edit Flow : again, this fantastic editorial control plugin also includes notices of pending entries, reviews and much more.
  • Revisionary : This plugin makes part of Edit flow of messages, with a complete review of entries, perfect way to manage the editorial flow.
  • Status Notifier : full plugin which alerts the administrator actually decide to email you when an entry has to be revised. You can also (optionally) notify the author when approval for publication, or if it is rejected.

You see, that it is not by chance.


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