Feb 26, 2013

The "Like" reach WordPress

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The "Like" reach WordPress
 Okay, I'll say that already exist, which already exists in WordPress.com that that " like "a post, but is now also available in any WordPress hosted on your server , by the grace of JetPack, the megaplugin Automattic.

In version 2.2 of JetPack , along with a host of bugfixes detected, joins the module that adds the ability to add a " Like "to entries exactly like WordPress.com .
 add a " Like "
 Just turn it on and appear in all entries , the end, or just where you want them, then find a box by that editor to disable them if you wish, if you adjust this option before the page Settings -> Share .
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 All others joke. That if you connect with your WordPress.com account if you have one, and receive an email when " you like "something, as usual.

The only thing I do not " like " this new module is that texts are only in English, and they'd better.
like this
Final note : check the modules after upgrading JetPack assets because it has a nasty habit of activating modules "because he wants" something that happens in this update with some solos that are activated after upgrading the plugin.


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