Feb 4, 2013

Check the age before accessing your WordPress site

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Check the age before accessing your WordPress site
Surely many times have you found a form that asks you to verify your age before accessing a site . It prevents not lie but at least he has a condition accepted voluntarily to occasionally download a web of responsibilities , depending on the legislation.

Well, if you have a website and want to incorporate a system of this type, for which the visitor has indicated that the minimum age required to view the contents , you can do it easily with WordPress.

Just install the plugin called Age Verify and configure it a bit. Let's see the possibilities ...

  1. First we define the minimum age for
  2. Selected if the check will be for all or only for unregistered users (default is last)
  3. The time that the system remembers the "answer" User
  4. If we want to age also checking when registering on the site (highly recommended)
  5. Finally we display options, we can customize the messages and the appearance of the pop-

What we get is something like trying to access the site, and " protected "against pubescent who can not lie to a drop-down form , of course ...


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