Feb 15, 2013

How to create table using wordpress plugin

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How to create table using wordpress plugin
The main Reasons to Use WordPress - the presence of multiple plug-ins for almost any purpose. Most recently, it was necessary to make a comparison table between the two products. Everything would have been fine if it were not fuss with tables visually WordPress.

Despite the fact that the language of html is the second family, took some time to create the table. And as always, in the end all the effort to find the idea to the finished product to create tables in WordPress.

There are a wide range of plug-ins to create tables in WordPress. But today we turn our attention to two of the best of them.

Easy Table - add a table to write simple.

Easy Table - one of the best WordPress-plugins for creating and editing tables in your blog. Once it's installed, you can begin to work with it, go to "Settings >> Easy Table". First, if you want to specify a unique style table, you can connect the css-file for editing.

Easy Table - add a table to write simple.

 How to insert a table into account?
To insert a table, simply follow this pattern:

To insert a table

 I think you understand the structure, tags [table] at the beginning and at the end, Once you click "Publish" you will be ready to wait for a table.

understand the structure

 Download plugin Easy Table you can with the official page of the developer

Download plugin Easy

If you plan to work with more complex tables and prepared to give them more time, then you should pay your attention to the Wp-Table Reloaded . It provides more opportunities for setting up the tables. In fact, if you're familiar with CSS, and there is often the need to define how and comparing different products, this plugin will be very useful. Below is a video about creating tables with Wp-Table reloaded:

What can you say at last - depending on your goals, there is a need to work with tables often better to use Easy Table. If you are willing to take the time to create a more unique stylistic table, you should try Wp-Table.

While it is hoped that it will soon implement a function in WordPress insert a table by default. If you are using another plugin, share with us their experience of working with tables in WordPress.


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