Feb 11, 2013

How to make a website on WordPress

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How to make a website on WordPress
Many articles tell of how to make a website in WordPress, but many of them are designed for those who are going to order web hosting, register domain, that is, to create a paid web site.We tell you how to how to create a site on WordPress.com is free.

1. The first thing you need to get to the site WordPress.com, and then go out there a simple registration. Automatically you will be able to make a site on WordPress is free. Third-level domain name is also given to you for free. It should be understood that this is just the beginning of creating high-quality, useful to other people website.

2. After passing the entire registration process you must enter in the Control Panel - «Dashboard».

wordpress Dashboard

3. Phase of the desired number of pages. This you can do by clicking the link «Pages», then «Add New», located in the left menu. Box appears in which you want to enter the name of the page, below the main text itself.


In the future, you will have a convenient opportunity to edit and format text, images, audio or video. To publish a page on the site you must click «Publish». Incidentally, the page is not intended for daily entries, because they are static. Typically used for rarely changing pages, for example, "Our Company," "Contact," and so on.

4. After that create a record, which use a reference «Posts», too, in the menu on the left, then click «Add New». In contrast to the static pages, which we discussed above, the office (record) are dynamic. They are suitable for the publication of new articles, announcements, press releases and more. That is precisely positions are used to update the information on the site. Also, all entries can be subdivided by subject categories. By the way, the categories also have its own menu, which is usually located on the right. If the item or category for a particular post has not been selected, it is automatically sent to the default category. To edit and create new categories, you should use the links «Posts» - «Catogories».

5. Do not forget that WordPress itself was created specifically for blogs, so the site can leave comments on your post to everyone. You, as the administrator of the site will be able to delete comments, adjust them or even banned. All this can be done through the menu «Posts» - «Comments».

6. Anyone who decides to do a site on WordPress, will be able to change the web design of his creation. You can do it too, absolutely free by using the already existing WordPress.com site templates. To do this, go to a page by using the menu «Appearance» - «Themes». Note that all the themes can be changed in their own way, including, for example, your company logo, your desired image, and so on, you can also check a set of best wordpress Themes for the year 2012 and Free Wordpress Themes 2013. Here you will find 40 free themes.

Finally I advise you read the article WordPress SEO by Yoast, interesting plugin to optimize your blog you will find the valuable tips for link building.

Very much hope that our recommendations will be useful for those who want to make a WordPress site for free. Good luck!


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