Feb 11, 2013

How to write a mission blog

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How to write a mission blog

Friends, making the mission can begin even before you open a blog, if you know what, and for whom you write in it.

1. To start think about what you give or want to give the audience or on the contrary, on what issues would like to save it.

2. After think that readers can get through this.

3. Next you will relate to one another in a short concise text.

Here is an example. You want to save people from the delusions associated with harmful diets and diet pills.

Thanks to this information, your readers can maintain health and well-being. As a result, the mission of the blog can be: "The mission of the blog - to open their eyes to the poison that we sold as a miracle cure! Teach them how to eat to live a full, healthy life! "Thus, the mission consists of the benefits of reading your blog and ways in which your readers will receive the benefit.

However, we must not only skillfully make, but also to correctly convey to the audience the blog clear and accessible form. Consider an example. The user specifies a search engine query "what to give your favorite" and find a link to a blog with a good article on this subject. The blog of the user sees the subscription form and the message: "If you want to see the tears of happiness in the eyes of the beloved, accept your gift? Subscribe to the blog and store wipes! "This message will be hard to ignore. Or another example. A man comes to the blog to read an article about a new way not to pay the fines GAI. After reading the article, he saw a banner with a photo of smiling widely driver says "I read the blog AntiGai six months, has forgotten what bill of rights is," and referring to the subscription page of your blog. This banner will generate more subscribers than even the most beautiful orange button RSS.

These examples show how important it is to convey to the audience skilfully mission blog. The ability to write a blog, and a mission to bring its capacity are equally important, as well as the ability to write music and play it on stage. You can communicate the mission blog in all its activities, from writing posts and drafting the blog pages to the creation of official labels or banners. So, the blog will be more "saturated" mission, the more people he was "hooked" and turn into loyal readers.


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