Feb 11, 2013

Easy way to reduce the size of your WordPress

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Easy way to reduce the size of your WordPress

There are many possible elements that can increase the size, weight and load of a WordPress website and does not escape from this danger. In fact, there are default behaviors of our beloved CMS contributing to overload the size of your website .

One such WordPress default behaviors that contribute to taking up extra space in your facility is the management that makes the images you upload . I mean ...

Each time you upload a picture to illustrate an entry, WordPress automatically creates other sizes , lower than you uploaded. The idea is good, do not think, but based on the fact that you do not need to use your post the full size of the images you upload , resizing of HTML (you know, is pulling or shrinking the image) but it is better to use a version that best matches the width of your WordPress theme , and by the way you reduce the load time of your home (especially).

For instance, imagine you have a great vacation photo of 4,000 pixels that weighs 8 Mb If you upload to a public input and as is, but you you reduce the size of objects from the publisher actually be showing less pixels wide and tall but weighed the same image when displaying it on your website, you remember, nothing less than 8 Mb .

Now add what it will take to load the front page of your site if you do the same in each entry of the 10? that show therein. That's it.

That is why WordPress automatically creates small copies of your images, so you can use a size appropriate to the width of your theme and therefore also less weight in " megabytes ".

The idea is good that way, but it turns out, while also taking up space on your hard appreciated - and usually expensive - web hosting plan , then you'll have 3 or 4 more images that do not always use .

And, say, if you never use the average size would not it be better to tell WordPress that does not believe that copy? , or large, or the one you want. I do not recommend removing the miniature size, because if you use the galleries is the one used.

Getting it is simple , just go to your Desktop WordPress side menu " Settings -> Media "and just put a" zero "the size or sizes you would not want to automatically create WordPress.

In this example I deleted capture all sizes except the miniatures:

deleted capture all sizes

Perhaps it will seem too radical, but if you think about it why would you go up the 8 Mb picture?, would not it be better to reduce the pixels before uploading? .

Normally, except in sites dedicated to photography, never need to upload images larger than the display size on a regular basis your WordPress theme , so would not it be better not occupy space unnecessarily expensive hosting?.

Meno leave your decision, but you know how to do, andvery easy.


  1. nice tips thanks for sharing but for images, photoshop has good tool to reduce the size of a image, and it quick optimize image for web site.