Feb 4, 2013

WordPress for iOS 3.4 coming announcements!

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WordPress for iOS 3.4 coming announcements!
Just out version 3.4 of WordPress for iOS , the mobile version for Apple devices like the iPhone or the iPad. And the main thing it offers are ads everywhere, from any window.

Many bug fixes and minor improvements, but the main thing is what I say, and it says, for now, thanks to the new ads, on every screen, not only in each blog , we ...

  • know that there are new comments and respond directly to a touch
  • see comments awaiting moderation
  • will see how our statistics
  • know if we have new followers (only wordpress.com and jetpack) and also follow
  • see who likes our tickets (only wordpress.com and jetpack)

Of course, and thank goodness, are arranged errors drafts (which were not updated correctly) and display statistics hosted WordPress with Jetpack, but the main thing is that we will now have notices everything that happens in our WordPress, in anywhere, anytime .

Got the update in the App Store a while, it takes longer.


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