Feb 27, 2013

Wpautop Disable in WordPress

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Wpautop Disable in WordPress
 In case you did not know, and that will be a sign that I read, the function wpautop is what replaces line breaks in a text you enter using the keypad in the WordPress editor and HTML tags replaced by paragraph break .

This functionality, usually interesting, as is generating a valid XHTML adding paragraph marks <p> ... </ p> introduces spaces sometimes more and sometimes just the opposite, it adds extra spaces you'd want to have in your text .

Well, a few days ago we saw how to turn off automatic paragraphs generated by a simple code, but there is a way to do even more controlled, deciding the deactivating wpautop each entry .

If this is your case then the plugin Toggle wpautop going to be perfect. What once installed does is add a box to your WordPress editor in publishing goal box, in which you can decide if it will work on each entry wpautop or not , plain and simple, controlled and effective.


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