Mar 24, 2013

How to Optimize Meta tag Description?

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How to Optimize Meta tag Description?

Some time ago Google Webmaster Central Blog outlined the basics for writing a good meta description. In his post, Google explains that the quality of the descriptions, short texts that are previewed in their search results, can have a direct impact on attracting more traffic. What are meta tags for seo?

To customize these descriptions on a website, what we do is use the equitable <META> as follows:
<META NAME="Description" CONTENT="Put the description here">

7 tips to optimize the description of our website in Google 

Basically four tips that a website must meet if they want to optimize your meta descriptions correctly:

1. Different descriptions for different pages

Google is aware that one is not going to spend writing the meta tags on each page, so it leaves the option to do it automatically. The important thing is to be placed unique Meta Descriptions on each of the pages of a web site.

2. Include data that are not mentioned in the title

For example, if the page title is the name of a book. The description can place the author's name and other data. This is achieved by giving more information, avoid duplicate content and make it more clean and clear.

3. Schedule automated descriptions

Basically what we said in the first point. Whether the description has been written personally or if a software product, the important thing is to be honest (which describes what matches the content of the page) and unique (not repeated on another page of the same site)

4. Write descriptions honest and easy to understand

What Google tells us, is that basically seek to “our descriptions are descriptive.” Since the correct use of words can attract more visits and especially visitors more interested in what we write. Consider your credibility .

But if we dig a little more, Aaron Wall also offers some tips, that in his experience in optimizing and help attract more traffic to Google.

5. Complete sentences: Maximum 160 characters

Aaron says that Google shows about 150 or 160 characters of the Meta description tag in their results. So if you write more, the sentence will be cut and added the ellipsis. How convenient then, would be to use complete sentences, under the measure, so they are easy to read.

6. Write keywords that complement the title

What Aaron says is that if the title of a page using the words in the plural, then the description should be unique. Or if the title of the page uses an acronym, the Meta description should use the full version of the phrase. And also desirable mentions, that the word order is different.

7. If you do not use the description Meta tag, your content is what counts

Not everyone has to use the description Meta tag to describe a website at Google. In the absence of the Meta description, Google removed a piece of text in the content of our website and the sample. However, if you are not happy with that description, we can renew the next time the robot Google the update.

Well, the use of Meta description in itself not enough to attract visitors, but if we join together with a good title and a search engine optimized urls , CTR our website on Google increase.


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