Mar 2, 2013

Testimonials easy in WordPress

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Testimonials easy in WordPress

If you have a corporate website that offer services in one of the usual resources is to provide customer testimonials about the virtues of your company , a simple and effective way to show your satisfaction and thereby leverage the impact of your successes to achieve new opportunities.

In WordPress is easy to add a resource of this type. Of course you can do it manually by creating a specific page and put text citations from customers like text, or use any item to take you built, how many of Elegant Themes or, as is the case, use a plugin that makes it the most elegant.

With small wonders how Testimonials Pro you have it in several ways, and can use a short code (shortcode) to insert the testimony in any post or page, or use a fully configurable widget to display in your sidebar.

Another similar plugin which adds using shortcodes witnesses is a rotary Testimonials HMS , which can also show on the page or post of your choice.

More complete IQ Testimonials for besides the above, to add images to each witness, customer information or even become a completely open system, feeding your own customers. It is the most comprehensive of such plugins.

If you like something as complete as the previous choice is very similar GC Testimonials , that does not detract.

Another very simple but very effective is visually Web testimonials , easy to use but with a really nice CSS when inserted into pages or posts.

Come on, that left no plugins, you have a nice lot , just choose the one that best suits your site or needs, but if you have a website where you offer services is a very interesting idea to add a system of evidence, I'd say imperative.


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