Mar 2, 2013

Twitter Mentions in WordPress comments

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Twitter Mentions in WordPress comments

I do not know if you remember that long ago there was a series of plugins that allowed show along with the comments of WordPress Twitter mentions your entries .

Unfortunately most of them stopped working overnight.

Guilty?, Curiously the same as Twitter , it acquired the service that allowed this fancy stuff called BackType , and functionality became unavailable.

It is true that there are several options for displaying the tweets that talk about your tickets , how to Disqus, which has this capability, but if you do not use these types of services replacing native WordPress comments seemed no options.

And if there is, at least I've found a couple of them.

On one side is a very recent plugin, called, appropriately, Twitter mentions in posts , which does exactly what I say: show the tweets that talk about your entry at the end of comments .

Its operation is very simple, as you just have to activate and hourly tweets shows recent entries , but for older articles may take a few days to show them all.

Also, if you do not like the default site where they appear, or you want to display them somewhere special, you can add this code to the place where you want the item to appear :

<?php tmip_show_tweets() ?>
Another plugin we also add this utility is Mentions as Comments , oldest, which adds a few good ideas :

  • You can also include retweets
  • You can store in the WordPress database tweets as if they were pingbacks or trackbacks
  • You decide whether it will apply to all entries, most recently, the last 10, just in front, etc.
  • The tweets come in the flow of approvals and can approve or reject, etc.

You see, rather more complete than before, but hey, you decide which best serves you.


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